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The HOME is Manchester's center for modern theater, cinema, arts, music and more. Come and enjoy our fascinating program to find new arts, new experience and new histories from our town and the whole time. The purpose of our member pack is both to help us do our work and to give you an even better understanding of our work.

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The 48% who chose the Brexit voting and the 48% who chose documentaries; and Whitney, Oscar-winning Kevin Macdonald's intrepid and sincere portrayal of one of the greatest diva in the world. On Monday this we have unique My Best demonstrations in which we record the trip of Calum Best to get to know his dad, the legendary soccer player George Best, and on Tuesday a time trial film about the last race of David Millar, the cycling team.

Last but not least, there will be Geordie Jazz Man on Wednesday and Milford Greves Full Mantis on Thursday. A persuasive film about the last few rounds of the bicycle rider David Millar's life up to his last..... The director Debra Granik's successor to Winter's Bone is another delicate and clever portrayal of outsiders and peasant towns.

This is a feature by and with the voters of the UK's 2016 EU referendum. A persuasive Finlay Pretsell feature on the last few rounds of David Millar's cycling life up to his last..... Known as Geordie jazz man all over the world, Keith Crombie was a riddle for many of his guests.....

This is a cleverly performed robbery adventure story by Michaël R. Roskam, a Belgium filmmaker. Afrofuturism Jazzstar Sun Ra is a relaxed basic bias that gives the outsider a tempting insight into his..... In Greater Manchester, Daniel Kokotajlo's first motion picture is shot in a Jehovah's Witness Group. Agnès Varda's development as a movie producer, from the forerunner of the popular Frensh New World....

White corridors is one of the acclaimed filmmaker Pat Jackson's later journeys into the fictional realm....... Aleksandricks esaling-themed Mandy is a movie, whose feelings are still as topical today as in..... The movie critic Mark Kermode tells of his daring efforts to fulfil his dream of becoming a popular comedian.

Filmmaker Daniel Kokotajlo and the actors Molly Wright and Sacha Parkinson will join us..... The show will be presented by Jason Wood, our artistic manager of cinema. It is a movie that takes the jail tragedy to a new level of intense and at the same time takes live in a..... An intriguing exposition of the sexual industries, directed by Jenny Lu's noteworthy début features feel unbelievably pertinent and vital.

This is Priscilla Cameron's first film with Melissa George as Evelyn, a mysterious empress, the lone father Al and..... We' will be presented by Mark Cousins for a Q&A after the 17:50 show on Fr 17.....

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