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Obtain directions, maps and traffic for Yonkers, NY. Over Yonkers Yonkers is situated on the Hudson River and is New York's 4th biggest town and the biggest town in Westchester County. Yonkers is a downtown neighborhood that acts as a gate between New York and the Hudson Valley. The Yonkers is comfortable, accessible and provides the possibility for almost all private and business investments.

That' s why some of the largest Hudson Valley project are taking place here, and why you should be a part of it. Yonkers can be reached from almost anywhere, and it's easy. Yonkers serves ten northern metro terminals; five large motorways link Yonkers to the remainder of Westchester County, New York City and beyond; and Yonkers has a 4.5-mile-long, scenic riverside promenade on the Hudson River.

Yonkers' Downtown Waterfront neighborhood grows with the addition of several hundred new luxurious skyscraper flats overlooking the Hudson River and the palisades, dining, stores and park, just 25 minutes by rail to Manhattan. Companies - large and small - flourish and keep growing in Yonkers. It is home to Hudson River Museum, renowned Sarah Lawrence schools, malls, art, the Empire Town Casino, and fine art facilities.

In contrast to many other similar towns in New York State and the Northeast, Yonkers is expanding. This is because Yonkers has some of the best graded colleges in the area, such as PEARLS Hawthorne School and Yonkers Middle High School, and Yonkers is one of the most secure towns in the state. In Yonkers there are tens of attractive and historical districts, luxurious seaside residences and apartments for all people.

No wonder Yonkers was rated one of the "Top 100 Best Places to Live" by Liveability.com. Yonkers offers an amazing variety of possibilities. From the Central Park Avenue hallway to the recently refurbished Cross County Mall to the sophisticated Ridge Hill Mall, Yonkers is Westchester's mall, from small business to large grocery store, Yonkers has it all.

It has a large stock of business, industry, medical facilities and new economic areas. The Yonkers has one of the region's biggest business park, two clinics, 40 government colleges and several nearby malls.

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