Xaviars on the Hudson Restaurant Week Menu

Haviars at the Hudson Restaurant weekly menu

""We celebrated Father's Day at the restaurant. Jimmy Weeks' photo about food spotting. Discover the menu, read reviews, get directions and compare prices before you go! Sunday brunch menu will be excluded shortly. The weekly restaurant menu blows every second participant out of the water.

Yonkers, NY - X2O Xaviars on the Hudson

of the Xaviars Restaurant Group." Situated in the waters at the only viktorian breakwater still in operation on the Hudson River..... Gourmets will be treated to traditional flavours of France with elements of Italy, Spain and Asia, creating a kitchen all their own, one of a kind in the Hudson Valley.

On the Hudson, X2O Xaviar's latest award-winning supplement to Xaviar's Restaurant Group is Peter X. Kelly. Situated in the waters of the only viktorian breakwater still in operation on the Hudson River. X2O's Hudson Room is a hanging chat room with calm charme and privacy.

It has the best views of the Hudson and very good cuisine. It' hard to find the restaurant with itinerary. Requires more lighting on the name of the restaurant. You usually like this restaurant a great deal. When there was no mercy for a surprise anniversary dinner and we were not told what a badge contained in the lunch was for drinks we were to have.

Are we going to go back to this wonderful restaurant with a wonderful panoramic sight? âThis is the second one I have eaten at X2O in the last 3 month and I canât believe they donât know the facility is just like this, so. It' great & but for an upmarket restaurant, but every single visit, there are too many failures.

You muddled our orders, didn't get any of the specific orders right, some of the dishes came off the shelf & 2 entries came in, while 4 were still lacking for more than 5 mins. They just don't seem to mind that the personnel is not buffed & they don't seem to mind that they don't meet Xaviar standard.

to apologise for the mix-up with our orders, but quite honestly, since the same thing has been happening the last day I ate here - I just don't buy it. It' better to go to Xaviars in Piermont. It would be good to know the chef Peter Kelly's name, but it really was one of the best dishes we've ever had in our cuisine.

I' ll be recommending this restaurant again and again, thank you for a very beautiful evening. We'll be back. The restaurant's spaciousness and facilities were impressive - the arched roofs and room-high partitions overlooking the Hudson make it a beautiful eating place. Dinner and services were excellent.

There was an outstanding atmosphere and services, which only congratulates the great cuisine. This cowboys' grubby beef is so tasty and it's more like a 3-ribey.... The lift didn't work. The fiancé has a lousy foot and had a rough period. This restaurant should provide guests with information on all matters concerning disabled people.

We were not helped at all by the first one who came to talk to us, but the second one put us back in and was very alert during our dinner. Dinner was delicious! All in all there is good cuisine, great services, just a great restaurant! As always, the meals are extraordinary. Dinner was great and the services were very good!

It' a good place for lunch and you have a great look at the Hudson River. There was excellent customer care and the personnel was kind. Catering is exalted, services are very polite and effective, yet at the same time welcoming, and the ambience is luxurious but not overawing. It does a good job from decoration to the menu without the can of a similar restaurant in the city.

Excellent. I and my man were very satisfied with the services and the meal. Servicing personnel were kind, alert and competent, and the services were on time. Well, my cod and my husband's bony fins were delectable. Atmosphiance horrible, foods average overall very bad value with a stunning bill of $180 / person.

Attention was paid to the personnel, the services were outstanding and the meal was tasty and well presented. We' re going back to see what the restaurant is like for an evenin', as distinct from a particular event. Dinner was about normal. We' ve eaten here before, but the meal wasn't as good as last year.

We were expecting better services for the money we paid. It was a lovely atmosphere, but Peter Kelly and his staff seemed to have a bad one. We had a great meal and the services were even better! We found a great way last year, so this year we did it again: early supper at X2O Xavier's on the Hudson.

It' s gorgeous and tasteful furnished, the outlook on the George Washington and Tappan Zee Bridges is marvellous, the menu has a large selection, the meal is delicious, and the costs are not unheard of (like the NYE dinners in other good restaurants). Dining is always to the point, nice decoration and scenery.

In a nutshell - the meal was great, the services provided were alert and the views of the stream are marvellous. Dinner was good, but it didn't have the extra touch I was expecting - I could have done it all at home. So to speak, the worship was. Perhaps tried again in sommer, when locals are available..but for these prizes, goes to Manhattan for the great eating.

Surpassing ambience, services and above all meals. Octopus starter is very good and would strongly suggest it. It was a very enjoyable and enjoyable experience, very useful for the selection of wines. From the Hudson River, the windows provide an ever-changing setting for a unique event!

Like always, the meal is tasty, the services are alert but not intrusive and the views of the GW and TZ bridge are marvellous. She was a little hesitant about eating years before, when she first visited the restaurant, but tried it playfully. She has since come back several time and her nutritional awareness has improved since childhood.

She was very proud of herself this year when she discovered the flavour of truffles in the potato. X2O is now her favourite restaurant, but she still states that the desert should be killed for it. So how do you start to describe our Christmas Eve dinner at X20 Xaviars on The Hudson?

Our personnel is kind, very alert and very well-trained. Menu: Exquisite wine and a great menu with an exquisite selection. When I was a seafood enthusiast, my starter was more than tasty with sushi & ashimi followed by iced garnished sausage. The view of the Hudson & Manhattan ski area is also magnificent. All about this restaurant is outstanding.

Every year we go out for our employees Holiday Lunch and have a great year. It has a breathtaking panoramic and round roundtable so that everyone can chat. As always, the meal is very good. One of Peter Kelly's outfits. Thus, the flavour and qualitiy of the dishes is excellent.

X2O is also located on the Hudson in the centre of the city of Yorkers and the restaurant's ambiance is stunning. You' going to have a great game and you' going to amaze every one of the quests you take to X2O. Sitting anywhere in the restaurant, you can admire a wonderful panoramic views of the Hudson River. Dining is as artful as a treat for gourmets.

We' re always having a great dinner and every X20 we go to! Dinner was great, but the services and seats - under the motto "under the table". You stay with X. The meals were a little bit chilly and some servings are bigger than others. Peter also needs different applications and options on the menu.

Eating, services and ambience are very good! Even when the wheather is not so good, the views are stunning. We' ve partnered with a number of favourite places to help you reserve space when the place is full. You can redeem points for Premium Access bookings at selected dining venues, Dining Reward Gifts or Amazon Gifts.

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