X2o Restaurant Week Menu

The X2o Restaurant Weekly Menu

Discover the menu, see photos and read 6158 reviews: The X2O Xaviars on the Hudson is Peter X Kelly's newest member of the Xaviars Restaurant Group. Comes here during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. The Hudson Valley Restaurant weekly menu is the best offer ever. The Restaurant Week Specials are also incredibly good value for money.

Yonkers, NY - X2O Xaviars on the Hudson

The X2O Xaviars on the Hudson is Peter X Kelly's newest member of the Xaviars Restaurant Group. Situated in the waters of the only viktorian breakwater still in operation on the Hudson River. X2O's Main Dining Salon's 25-foot arched top and 3 glass-framed panels offer vistas of the George Washington and Tappan Zee bridges, as well as sundowns over the palisades.

Gourmets will be treated to classical flavours of France with elements of Italy, Spain and Asia, creating a kitchen all their own, one of a kind in the Hudson Valley. Dylan Lounge is a lively, modern room with a refined and fun atmosphere that gives our customers more opportunities to eat. Visitors are welcome to try a wide range of small platters and sushi while eating at the community tables, the susphi bars or the banquet and dinner tables.

Cuisine: style: On the Hudson, X2O Xaviar's latest award-winning supplement to Xaviar's Restaurant Group is Peter X. Kelly. Situated in the waters of the only viktorian breakwater still in operation on the Hudson River. X2O's Hudson Room is a hanging chat room with calm charme and privacy.

The sweets were a disappointment - there were four on the lunch card and we all tried them out, but we found none that matched the other meals. It was our first sitting up. Whilst the master dinning room is roomy, with very high ceiling, nice contemporary light and glazing on all sides, the upper floor dinning area is more private.

We' ve ordered the desserts on a specially designed chocolatey mousse-cream-brûlee-combination. In our booking I had said that we often come to our anniversaries (and other events). We' ve always had good results in the other Valley Cottage and Piermont places. So we were with another pair and looked forward to our dinner at the X20 in Yonkers.

BELIEVED ALL ABOUT THIS - the attitude is utterly breathtaking, eating great, personnel kind and professionally. The restaurant has everything - good meals, excellent services and a great outlook. I' d suggest this restaurant for certain events. It' great to have a five-star restaurant right in my garden.

At X2O, our meals, services and ambience are always excellent. There is a diverse and imaginative menu and the personnel takes care of the necessary attention. We' re having a great meal the Saturday before Mother's Day. Dinner was fantastic and the services were great. The X20 Xaviars on the Hudson is one of our few places to visit for memorable events.

Tasty, imaginative cuisine with first-class, thoughtful customer care. I' d suggest it for a great event or just for a great time. Me and my pardner have had an awesome dinner here. Starters, side dishes and sweets are very good and the waiters are first-rate. I' d strongly suggest this restaurant for those extra events, as the great bill, but the view is unbelievable and the personnel makes you definitely piqu.

While we like X20 for extra night out, it's also great to be in the laid-back bars and eat awesome Sushi. It' a great place for a nice meal and the scenery is awesome. Attention-grabbing services, excellent meals, wonderful vistas, appealing facilities a pleasurable dinner and a delicatessen.

Tasty meals and lots of them! I had a good break, but the dinner was below average. No wonder, considering that the eating in Westchester is generally nothing unusual, but we hoped that this place would be different. It' cooking off, updating the menu or something. The services were also fine. It' kind, but they just put the meal on the desk without saying anything.

In a place where it is said to be about eating, we found that a surprise. The woman had the saddle of saddle of saddle of lamb especially for her anteree. It doesn't bother me to pay for the restaurant ambience - damn it, that's why I went. The X2O has a great deal to offer and could really be outstanding by giving more detail.

Dinner was good to very good. And I had a very, very delicacy. I had a better Fry at Gaby's, in mid-town, just a week before the X2O was blown away. The menu descriptions of the Scallop shells were a little strange ("chlorophyll"????).

It was just a good shakedown. Lots of personnel and relatively calm in the restaurant (we were there between 6:00 and 8:30 on a Saturday evening; the desks are well separated), but I felt several a few occasions that I had to call a taxi....uh, I mean, our waitress. From the first of the cocktails to susphi, prawn vocado lettuce, pâté and crêpe, everything was intact.

As always, the services were flawless. All I regretted was that they took the whole thing off the menu and had a not nearly as good one. Outstanding work of the employees of X20. A degustation menu was prepared and the meal, the ambience and the services surpassed all our expectation.

After having been to X20 many a time, they surpass expectation at every opportunity. We' ll definitely be back, because this is still our favourite restaurant in the area. We' re regulars at the various Peter Kelly establishment, but nothing can compare to the (now) $27 three-course price fix on X2O, although his August Cowboy Ribeye Feature comes approach.

Whilst we were a little bit disillusioned last year, which is so uncommon since we go to X2O about every six-week, this was as good as we can get. I had an exquisite ricotto of mushrooms, and the hanger was even better. It is disappointing that one of his characteristic appetisers seems to have left the fixed menu, the prawn of coconuts, which is also a basic food of Sunday brunch and a favourite of my regular lunches.

That'?s great dinner. Excellent services. It was a fantastic team. When it is served as a starter, as on the Sunday of last week's wedding card, order it now! The taste of the vegetables is oily and at the same tasting slightly at the same tasting, with thin, nicely boiled javelins and a slight garment of bare beurre. 2.

There is no better way to represent springs in a restaurant meal! All of us loved the meal, the services, the ambience and the view. I have been talking about the event all week and look forward to my next trip! It was flawless in every way. For starters, the risottos were marvellous! Based on this particular event that was not, I would not come back.

Regardless of who we eat with, we are 99% lucky and if something is not 100%, they do it so that until we go, 100% are reached:) There is a beautiful sight of the Hudson and the Palisades. It is a roomy and breezy restaurant. It' suitable for many events and would be ideal for a very particular evening in the city.

For the first and many lunches here we found a frustration!..... It is one of the best in Westchester County, with stunning dining and services. It was a unique place.......except that we were almost gone because we had to stay 45 min. despite our reservations. Services are marvellous, meals are delicious, views are great!

Our services are first class, many of our staff take care of your needs and are always ready to fulfil your wishes. There is an outstanding menu and the meal itself is always delicious. I' m recommending X20 for an event or a party and I' m planning to be back very soon. Dinner's always good.

Our client services are outstanding. The ambience is impeccable. This was a great event and they made everything work. I' m usually more discerning, but there's nothing else to say except thank you, Julien, for making everything so perfectly. Dinner was great, the presentations outstanding, the views were fantastic.

Ideal for particular events. However, the meals and the services are holding us back. During the Easter brunch our families came to comment the remainder of the daily on what a wonderful period we had. Excellent cuisine and a good value for money in terms of quality and atmosphere.

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