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Wonderful Hudson Ny

Wonderful & Bistro serves delicious, progressive American comfort food at affordable prices. "We've been to Wonderful a few times. Wonderful and bistro serves five-star food at a reasonable price. Here you will find directions, reviews and information about Wunderbar Bistro in Hudson, NY. Find other bars in Hudson on YP.


Wonderful Bistro - 71 pictures & 112 votes - American (traditional) - 744 Warren St, Hudson, NY - Restaurant ratings - Phone number - Menu

Dinner was great! Vegeterian choices are finite here, but all quite good. Mm-hmm. I also like the wonderful lettuce. It' beautiful as a lightweight but better for ordering as a common course; a large Salat ($12) is ideal for sharing for 4 persons. This is a beautiful menu:: From the" Pick" menue my daugther ordered a $8 Ok triangle of sweet and caesar lettuce for a small bite to eat, but the portion sizes for the sweet were a little small.

I' ve ordered the two-egg escalope. Delicious escalope, but they boiled my balls really tough, which I don't like. So we kept out hopes for the home/cooked pies - the opposite issue: the sweet to the sweet relationship was sweet, but the whole cake was too tight letting the pies and the cake crackling crude and pasty.

The escalope received 5 Michelin-starlets, the desert one, but its readiness to be open-minded deserved an additional star) All in all. I' d go back for the escalope, but I' m not avoiding to go back. TIP: Stay with the escalope, jump over the pudding. Fantastic bulb broth. Real cute to children.

Dinner's actually quite good. Apparently it was quite distracting and allayed. A glimmer of hope for both visitors was the meal Runner/Busgirl. Have a wonderful dinner at the Wunderbar! This is a sweet place right on the Hudson highway, we came down the street after a beautiful walk.

Sitting down he took a beautiful succulent hamburger with eggs, a creamy cheese filled with onions, stewed cattle and a lettuce. Well, without the bovine hotpot juice of the morning, it was skippable.) Will come back for a burgers and a pint the next night we're in the city. Delmonico was very good and the spinach postage billy lettuce was delicious and crisp.

Quite ordinary eating and drinking. It was very moderately and generically, but to be honest I didn't expect much from a local place to eat. We had a rather friendly and responsive webservers. You have a fairly good luncheon delicacy where you can select 2 foods for $8 or 3 foods for $11. I picked the $11 options and got the half serving Chinese poultry wafer thinly sliced breadcrumbs, half serving fried onions, and handscissors.

Well, the chickens in the egg shell were just chickens' fingers, but the crab dressing was good with theese. I had a little too much burning of the onions, but the broth itself was good and I like how the cheeses were sticky. All in all I went full, but the flavour of the meal was only mediocre.

Me and my friend recently went to visit Hudson and fall in loving the city and the Wonderful Bistro! The Hudson is our new favourite week-end trip and Wonderful is a must in the area! I wish the servers had taken down things when he took our drinks orders because she kept missing a few drinks and it took almost 20 minutes for one of them to come out.

It was a little sluggish, so it took a long while before someone came to the dining room and even came back to refill the tables with drink or two. All in all it was good dinner and a good prize and I would come back.

Dinner was fantastic. Escalopes or onionsoup are very recommendable. In the 700 square there is a wonderful piece of jewellery for all Hudson diners with unusual cooks and prizes. A great burgers should be in every place and Wunderbar has it. Meals are always good and the price is very competitive.

We' ve got the lettuce and Caesarian. They were both very good and I'm always longing for the Caesar lettuce. Twice in 2 evenings, mainly because the cuisine in Hudson NY is particularly slender after 9 pm, but also because the meal was amazingly good and hefty.

So I ordered the Wiener escalope with 2 brimmed egg on top, and it came roasted with boiled fillet of spinaceous celery. This escalope stuffed most of the dish and was really tasty. Went to this beautiful new find in Hudson NY for my first meal today. Also very recommendable is the fricassee with onions.

I can' t wait to go back and try that escalope. Dinner was fine - meatloaf was weird. I' m sorry, but Caesar's salad is nothing big. Poultry wing averages. The decorations look quite respectable. The waitress was quite unkind and unhelpful when it came to recommend meals or to know a lot about it. Paid Hudson a visit at the end of the week and was amazed at how much there was to do in Hudson.

Wonderful, and we chose to try.

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