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The Mountain Wave met at a house party in 2015. Live video simulcast in Woodstock, NY Jun 8, 2015. 12:30 to 26 April 2015: Sportsmen's Club Pavilion, 90 Montoma Lane Woodstock, NY 12498 United States + Google Map. Russian Sage College Troy, NY November 11, 2015.

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Wellcome to Woodstock, New York, "The most famed small city in the world". A" Arts Colony" since 1902, Woodstock is less than two hrs from NYC at the foot of the Catskills. You are invited to come and see why the power and spirits of Woodstock create a wonderful state of thought!

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I' m getting the feeling some spirit has to fast-forward the calender. Summers are such a great season here in the Catskills and this year Woodstock was so bustling and full of it. Woodsstock in summers is so pleasant, there is so much to do in New York near our Woodstock, NY B&B.

From the first few years of the Mountain Jam in June to Kate Pierson's appearance at Byrdcliffe Barn today, the musical possibilities are legend. Maverick' s 100 year old saison was adequately acclaimed by local people and tourists in equal measure - just think of 100 years of forest dancing! It is too early to turn these hills into a colour spectrum, a visible witness of the times that are passing too quickly for all of us.

They will keep you happy and cozy, even during the grey February months. Now I have to go back and look at the calender again!

TRANSACTIONS - Tickets - Colony - Woodstock, NY - January 18, 2018

Just think, you are going down the long, straigt streets of the low Midwest. There is a sunset in front of you and the radios are something emotional, but grainy, with only a touch of twinang, which is the tone of US origins. That'?s the National Reserve. Every track tells you almost the years you've been on the road for long enough to gig for hardly enough cash to keep the throttle on, because there's nothing better than being on stages and performing rock'n'roll soundtrack.

Your tunes are reminiscent of another time, an analogue period in which only one instrument, one amplifier and one cable were needed. The National Reserve's original style gives it a refreshing, contemporary feel that perfectly matches today's view of the Americaa line. In the meantime, the National Reserve will still cover the mileage, thereby keeping its tracks.

Mountaineer Wave gathered at a home in 2015. People are enjoying their own ecclectic styles and the liberty to investigate a relation to unboundedly musicality.

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