Winnipeg Attractions

Attractions in Winnipeg

The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada. at Winnipeg Airport. Free-of-charge activities in Winnipeg: art in the Exchange District (Photo: Travel Manitoba). The city of Winnipeg is located in the heart of North America, literally. Inside a Winnipeg shop in the city centre.

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Best 10 Must Sees

See the best 10 things in Winnipeg - without them no journey is completed. Conceived by designer Antione Predock, Canada's newest and most striking landmark is dominating Winnipeg's famous landmark and glowing like a lighthouse. The CMHR, an adventurous institution dedicated to promoting dialog and transformation for a better life, offers an exciting report on the personal experiences that have never been experienced before.

Except for Robben, everybody likes Eisbären - that's why they are the major feature of the spectacular new exhibition Journey to Churchill at Assiniboine Zoo. On an area of 54 hectares you will find a lively centre square, extraordinary restaurants and accommodation, extensive tree-lined trails with views of all the curves of the river bank, a world-class skatepark, a children's playground and a aquatic garden and everything that Winnipeg offers in terms of ski hire and easy entry to one of the world's longest ice skateboards.

It would baffle Dan Brown if he tried to unravel all the significance of Canada's best province legislature. At the top of the house stands Winnipeg's most popular citizen: the shining Golden Boy, our pitching to Hermes, who was made in Paris and keeps a shell of cereal.

And if your response isn't one, you weren't at the Manitoba Museum. From a planetarium show using one of the world's most sophisticated projectionsystems to some of Canada's most important historic artefacts in Hudson's Bay Company Museum Collection, the Manitoba Museum is sure to please.

Situated in the centre of the city centre, the WAG boasts an impressive architecture and hosts an international renowned exhibition of almost 24,000 works with a large number of works from Canada and Manitoba, among them the world's biggest collections of modern Inuit music.

From the Renaissance to Dadaism and ancient Greece to the best modern photographs. During the autumn you can slurp a local brew on the restaurant's terrace while watching North America's biggest wildlife (the bison) roaming its wildlife as migratory flocks of migratory poison.

This 30-block quarter is one of Canada's greatest examples of architecture, with the largest (and most beautiful!) 20th c. monuments in North America. Strolling through the enchanting alleys you will find some of the most trendy and tasty places in the town, among them small food outlets and bistro's presenting their exhibited bricks and beams, up-and-coming and mature art galleries, antiques and antiques stores and some of the best the town has to boast in terms of coffe emaking and drinking cuisine.

The mirrored glass appearance of one of Winnipeg's most attractive monuments is a sunset view shining under an bright purple sun. Winnipeg's latest gem in luxury spas crowns, Thermala, brings a little Scandinavia to the core of Canada.

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