Winery in Millbrook Ny

Vineyard in Millbrook Ny

The New York Times calls it "the flagship of the Hudson Valley" and the Wall Street Journal calls it "a great place to visit". We're the first winery in the Hudson Valley. Receive directions, ratings and information about Millbrook Vineyards and Winery in Millbrook, NY. Turn this gift into something special with a vintage Port or Madeira from a special year in your life. The Millbrook Vineyards & Wineries, Wineries, Tourist Attractions, Agriculture & Farming.

Guided visits, tastings & visits to the winery

Accompany our well-trained employees on a sightseeing trip and an extensive winetasting of our award-winning Hudson Valleys. This is a truly genuine winery adventure. Two different tastings are available throughout the entire saison, the portfolios and the reserve one. An excellent selection of our vineyards, you will be able to taste six of our own six different types of vines, together with tastings of our olive oil Villa Pillo and cakes.

Every visitor gets a wineglass to take away. The choice of wines differs from seasons to seasons. At every tastings it is possible to add a guide through the winery. Portfolio tenting with tours last about one hours and are held every 1/2 hours from 12:00 to 18:00 The last tastings and tours take place at 17:00 every year.

RESERVATION S ARE NOT NECESSARY FOR THE PORTFOLIO, BUT SPACE IS RESTRICTED AT EACH TASTING. Guided visits to the winery are offered from Friday to Sunday at certain hours from 2 January to 25 May. Savour five of our top quality wine from the winery and a selection from our Californian and our own vineyard.

A profound degustation that takes you to the top of our wines family. At the end of the degustation you can taste our olive oil Villa Pillo. Tastings are available hourly. If you wish to visit the winery, the tourist guides can register you for the next group available for your tastings.

Offer every hour from 12 to 16 o'clock Friday to Sunday. Offer every hour Saturday 12-15 h with a wine and cheese tasting at 16 h for $35 per each. BOOKINGS ARE NECESSARY FOR TASTING. Our tent café is situated on the side of the vineyards and is run by the village supplier and catering company Slammin' Salmon here in Millbrook.

Soak up the excitement with a barbecued meal and a glas of fine wines this year. Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 - 17:00 Group and coach trips are welcome for you. Our visitors will be able to sample a variety of Portfolio Sampler wines and will be given a guide through the winery, together with a gift wineglass to commemorate their sojourn.

For those who wish to eat local lunches during their stay, our Vineyard Picnic Packages are available for them. All year round, the winery organises a large selection of activities and courses where our visitors can discover and savour our wonderful winery and our award-winning wine.

We are committed to creating an event that goes well with our wines and our wish to present our stunning winery and experienced winery staff, from our wines at the Grille to our wines blending and pinot noir seminars.

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