Wineries in Westchester Ny

Vineyards in Westchester Ny

You have the opportunity to receive great offers for all types of wine. Explore our comprehensive list of wineries and vineyards in Westchester County. You will NOT find here an endless and confusing list of wines. and Westchester County in New York. The Rye Brook Wine & Spirit Shop is a specialist wine shop offering a wide range of exceptional wines at affordable prices.

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  • Classically, the romanticism of vine and the splendour of the natural world come together in a very unique way in Clinton Vineyards, considered "the gem of Hudson Valley agriculture". An excellent estate bottled winery collection and the private beauties of the Clinton Vineyards area have drawn the interest of enthusiasts, authors and tourists from near and far.

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in bussiness; from the bathtub to the winery

SALEM NORTH - When George Naumburg Jr. purchased a piece of property here, he was expecting it to be a place to rest on the weekend. It was unlikely that he would be the only one to run a merchant wine estate in Westchester. "Like Topsy," said his former actor and vocalist Michelle Naumburg.

This was something George wanted to do himself, and make some wines for us, and maybe also something for our boyfriends. It was really good that time. "The Nord-Salem Winery, which began as a private undertaking in 1965, now makes 2,000 cases of wines in an annual year.

There' s another vineyard in Westchester; Prospero in Pleasantville makes wines - about 40,000 cases per year - from his own farm and a California facility, but all his vines are cultivated on the West Coast. Naumburgers cultivate four grape types on a vineyard that has increased from 2 hectares to 13 hectares.

Dr. Naumburg, 86, is a Manhattan-based, diagnosed retirement shrink. As he began looking for land, he plotted a route around New York City on a roadmaps, thinking it all out in an hour's driving time so he could get back to his patient on time. They made their first bottles of wines from Concord grape sacks given to them by a group of acquaintances, squeezed by hands in the bath tub of their home and poured into a Pepsi can.

"She was violet for months," said Mrs Naumburg. It is now being bottled in 15,000 gallon total storage wells. Nearly all the wines are directly for sale to clients visiting the vineyards. Stephanie Walker, 28, a primary schoolteacher who works in the vineyards on the weekend, says that the most common types differ from time to time of year.

Nordsalem's only single whitewine, a single grape named slaval blank, is the best-selling grape type in it. Doc's Own is 80 per cent Caucasian, the Sweet Red of the vineyards is a more heavy variant that is most chrismas. There' s also a merchlot, but it's made for the Naumburgs at Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville.

"Confectionery keeps each other out and leaves behind the fruitiness of the wine," said Ms Walker. Prizes vary from $7. 99 a bottle to $9. 99 for the homemade wine and $10. 99 for the Mélot. This winery, which Dr. Naumburg says is a greedy operation, is running at a deficit.

Vineyards are getting ready for the liveliest time of the year. Harvesting takes place in early September and many visitors who come to Northwestchester to harvest fruit in the near fruit gardens also come to the wine room. "They come up and clamber over the tree and have fun," said Dr Naumburg.

They will sometimes try the wines, and often they buy one, but I really think they come here to use the baths. "North Salem is the nearest vineyards to New York City, but there are 34 wineries in the Hudson and Catskills. This area is particularly beneficial for grapes because, according to the website of the New York Wines and Grapes Foundation (, the Atlantic Ocean blows through the area.

SPECIFICALLY the tastings, the vineyards sell wines and cheeses and set up desks on the fields for those who wrap their own picnics. The Naumburg ers organise a meal and winefestival with farmers' markets twice a year and invites wineries from the whole area to North Salem.

During the August festivities, the vineyards rent two busses to take visitors from Croton Falls railway stop to the vineyards. Though it was Dr. Naumburg's first farming business, the vine was raised on a farmyard near Croton Dam. On his father's side, Elkan Naumburg, gave the Naumburger Bandshell in Central Park.

For five years Mrs. Naumburg used to sing every week-end on the Philadelphia horn & hardart's children's hour series. Dr. Naumburg keeps his book on chemicals on a rack in the cellar of the vine. "When I get bogged down, I go back to reading," says Dr. Naumburg, who is self-taught in wine-making and has no wine maker.

During the first years the wines proved to be too acid. Only a few workdays before the start of the vintage, this year's vintage looks nice and cute, says Pablo Rodriguez, the winemaker and only full-time worker. "A number of folks are reluctant to taste wines with which they are not familiar," said Mrs Naumburg.

"She said, "People are more willing to buy a bottle of Hardonnay than a wheat beer, because they know the bunches. Dr. Naumburg was experimenting with the cultivation of Chiardonnay but found that they did not meet his requirements. "It is our task to get as many as possible to try the wines here," he said.

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