Wineries in Orange County Ny

Vineyards in Orange County Ny

County Distillery, New Hampton NY on the glass, Bella & Appleoosa. Here you will find wineries, tasting menus, wine tastings and more about the wineries in Orange County and the historic Hudson Valley. Cantina Hudson Valley wineries, distilleries, breweries and cideries. New York Rockland and Orange County Wineries. Comté, Westchester County, Rockland County et Orange County NY.

Wineries and Vineyards of Hudson Valley

Established in 2013 by Matthew Spaccarelli and Casey Erdmann, Fjord Vineyards aims to produce wine that reflects the place where they are cultivated. Matthew has been cultivating world-class sustainable wine here in the Hudson Valley for almost a decennium. The Shawangunk Wine Trail, a group of fifteen different wineries nestling between the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains and the mighty Hudson River in Ulster and Orange Counties.

Vineyards Bashakill makes handmade and small batch varieties of vines in French and US oak casks in a cellar hewn into a slope of the Catskill Mountains. The Hudson Chatham Winery is visited for the award-winning quality products it has made, as well as the sun-kissed and welcoming atmosphere of the winery dining room. Turne Valley Vineyards in Rockland County NY is a working Vineyards on a historical property with full service for weddings and caterings.

The Blue Sky Farm and Winery produces four types of vines that contain bilberries and no other fruits or herbs. The winery is home to the authentic chocolatier wineries and cuisine. They' re making vintage boutiques with cuisine.'s wood shelves are made from eco-friendly resources at its Hudson Valley of New York facility.

The Whitecliff Vineyard Tasting Room is the place to experience the beauty and inspiring wine-growing region near the Hudson River Valley. The Glorie Farm is a vineyard in boutique-style that produces an annual production of an estimated 700 boxes of meticulously produced grapes. Warwick Valley Distillery & Estate offers a wide range of fine local and international cider, spirits and liquors.

Wines and.... Bordeaux wines! There are 6 astonishing wineries to see in New York as soon as possible.

Eating and drinking? Rather a glass of cider and.... more cider! The wineries are great for several reason: that they produce tasty vines and that you can have a good time at tasting sessions and other meetings in these places. The wineries are a great place to just lose yourself and soak up the good atmosphere with good meals, beverages and companions.

Lots of folks think of Napa Valley when it comes to vin, but they probably didn't know that many parts of New York State - from the vastness of Finger Lakes Upstate to Hudson Valley and even Long Island - are also known for their vin.

There are 6 stunning wineries to be visited in New York (including one here in NYC) for a fast week-end holiday... like ASAP. Who' d have thought there could be a vineyard here in New York? It is Red Hook Winery's quest to capture the taste of New York through wines.

The estate is located in Brooklyn, while its bunches come from fifteen different vines in New York State, with twenty-six vines per year in Brooklyn. You must have drunk reds, whites and rosés, but did you drink orange oranges? Maybe orange is the best kept secrets of the ROHWINIES.

Tastings cost $5 for three different types of wine, so definitely ask for orange when you leave. Warwick, Orange County is a great little city, with many cultivated gardens to chose from during the summer months, and many scenic hills, but the Warwick Valley Winery is something unique.

It is home to a range of great vintages, but it is not your regular vine because it also functions as a still. Docs Draft Hard Apple is made here, as are a range of destilled lyes. Tastings cost $5 for four different types of vines, the Docs Draft and a selection of desserts plus a take-away topping.

If you like white, go with your favourite vintage wines (it's not too arid or too sweet) and enjoy hanging out with your friends near Lake Cayuga, just off Ithaca, the home of Treleaven Wines. Chardonnay and rieslinge are just as important here as their New York cider.

An unparalleled taste of lemon juice and fermenting gold and Macintosh delicacies, the apple wine will seriously give a run for its moneys. Sure, it will be a great Roadtrip, but if you can't hurry, go to Union Square Greenmarket and see Treleaven Wines.

Tasting is free, so get to know your favourites and get a supply of wine.

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