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The Bergerac and Duras Wine Route offers several tours for wine lovers. The Bordeaux Wine Routes allow you to discover the world-famous vineyards of Bordeaux. This is one of the oldest wineries of the Finger Lakes with wines from the winery and bottled wines. We're Wisconsin's best wine. The Talty Winery is a small production winery specialising in top quality zinc trading in the Dry Creek Valley.

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First, every wine on our bookshelves has been sampled, which means that we can really get excited about the produce we are selling. After all, we have outstanding relations with our vendors and winegrowers, which enable us to know the entire backdrop of each individual wine from the vineyards to your glasses.

Like to talk about wine and hear what our clients think. We have been extending our range of tasting events since 2016 and now also offering personal in-store tasting alongside week-end tasting events. Over the last 20 years, the wine sector has evolved dramatically and I am lucky to work in an ever changing business.

We believe that we provide a truly individual learning environment that only an independant person can have. You can also contact us: Don't forget to subscribe to our mailinglist to be informed about new wine introductions, promotions and excluding tasting and event announcements.

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