Wine making Westchester Ny

Wine-making Westchester Ny

Carmine Corelli, the wine master, began making wine with his family of Italian immigrants as a young boy in his garage. The New York region with a passion for excellent wines. Headquartered in Westchester County, New York, USA, we are a small family business. of New York - including Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, Rockland, Orange and Westchester Counties. Accessories for winemaking and fresh grape juice.

Who we are

Carmine Corelli, the wine master, began making wine with his immigrant families as a youngster. His entrepreneurship led him to Yorktown Heights in Westchester County in the Hudson Valley in 2003, where he fulfilled his life-long vision of share his wine-making craftsmanship with his customers, who also loved and appreciated outstanding wine.

Join the wine master and the home-made wine makers' association and get the wine lover out inside you. Meet your wine lovers who are sharing your love of wine and enjoy the companionship and joy of wine growing. Carmine' s wine philosophie is that you should enjoy it with all your sense (well, maybe not hear it).

The wine is about decelerating, unwinding for a moment and taking the moment to savour the unique vintage you are creating.

Making Wine in Your Own Days at Westchester Homemade Wine Center

Everything is in order, from the shredding of the bunches to the design of the labels. And Carmine Corelli was raised in the car park with his Italians. Now he leads impassioned winegrowers at the Westchester Homemade Wine Center in Yorktown Heights, where new winegrowers are up to their necks in every phase to make 20 cases of their own year.

Visits start five to six times in May/June (with Chilean grapes) or September/October (with Californian grapes). Cornelli proposes to have friends at the ready to run the 720 pound bunches through the shredder and destemmer. The flesh is pressed a fortnight later and the fruit is pumped into an oaken cask, an interesting first sample is taken and its potentials are discussed.

Next flavor comes three to four month later when you fill or clear the wine; it is bottled four to five than that. Typical production costs are 2,900 dollars per barrels, which is just over 12 dollars per cylinder. /But to bring a wine’ own wine to a fiesta?

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