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Hudson Wine

The liquor store with a good selection of wines and spirits at reasonable prices. Delicate wines from five unique family wineries. Explore these five boutiques with limited production in a tasting room. At that time, producers were dissatisfied with the rules for the production of Chianti and the addition of a small percentage of white grapes to the wine. HWB is committed to bringing Australia's most authentic, natural, terroir-driven wineries to the American food & wine scene.

Wines from Hudson

The Hudson Wineyards is located in Napa Valley's Carneros District, one of the best wine-growing areas in the wine-growing area. The place was first known as Talcoa Wineyards, an ancient name that means "laughing country". In the 1880s, the first succesful US research was carried out here to eradicate the vine pests that devastated Europe's vines.

Each handmade Hudson Wine handmade wine reflects the emphasis of our work in the vineyard; the cultivation of the best wine is made possible by the search for complex and differentiated vintages and intensities. The Hudson Vines family is a long-standing cooperation between Lee and Cristina Hudson, Consulting Winemaker John Kongsgaard and Production Winemaker Christopher Vandendriessche.

Grenache Rosé is a real, directly pressed, cask matured wine for immediate quaffinating or ageing. The Aleatico is a type of corse that was once Napoleon Bonaparte's favourite wine. We have given it a new turn by making it a dried, fragrant wine. In its fifth edition, the wine is now developing into an increasingly refined wine with a mineral, soily grounding character, with notes of blossoms of apples and greenery.

This is an approachable wine with charme and taste. After 20 years of making sticks I believe that we have done our best work so far with the 2016, Grenache in its unfinished state. He catches prunes and wild berries covered with woodland, leathers and spices that best express Grenache.

Makes me think of barbecue ripples and other tasty meals; picnic up a drum stick. We use a gradual and spur-of-the-moment vinification period of 12 to 14 month for our production method of wine. In all, 19 month were invested in 80% new oaks, which culminated in a wine of great balance and concentratedness.

After 20 month the Syrah was filled in French oak. D Block in Hudson is our precious resource for the Old Master. In all, 20 month were used in the cellars before the filling was carried out with minimum effort. The wine has been stored in the wine bottles 14 month before publication.

Pipina's Barrel Aged Red Wine Essig is light and aromatic with nice hints of cherry and has flavors tones. It' an extraordinarily varied wine and should be used generously.

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