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The dessert wines are naturally sweet, but balanced with a hint of acidity. The New York City Wine Region is home to several unique wineries. We' ve seen reviews of the best places in Finger Lakes Wine Country. Burgundy Rootstock's music, wine and food festival. Tasting of wines and Italian wines by the Metropolitan Wine Group.

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Enjoy our luxurious suite with 12 high quality champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Argentina and California wine, as well as freshly baked bread with lobsters, filletignon, fish with fish, and more. Participants will taste a range of local wine, cider and other drinks, accompanied by Brooklyn's and beyond imaginative flavours and tasty appetizers.

Californian vineyards are producing some of the best wine in the wine-growing region. Zinfandel Experience unites 22 of California's top wine labels and their winegrowers in one place. Ridge, Kreck, Leonard Wine Company, Ravenswood and others will be made known. Every Saturday 31 March - 17 November, this trip takes you to North Fork of Long Island, 90 min from Manhattan with ranches, vineyards and artisans.

Pink Wine + Rosé Champagne + Sparkling Wine + Music + Summer = Awesomeness! Name by Grubstreet & New York Magazine as a wine and eating destinations. NYC Autumn Wine Festival, our most stylish wine festival of the year. A great occasion to taste a wide selection of wine, rounded off by a simple meal of starters, cheeses, cracker, crudités and noodles.

They range from full-bodied red wine and white wine to crunchy rosé, bubble and other fascinating mixtures. BONUS: Rosé and Boobbly bars with a selected group of rosé and sparkling wine. The Brooklyn Crush is back in autumn....Take the G, North or South to Wineland!

Getting around on a wine-growing country excursion in Long Island

When you think about spending a restful wine days in rural vineyards, think again. When you think about spending a restful wine days in rural vineyards, think again. In New York City you can visit the best wine cellars on the northern and southern coasts of Long Island with the luxurious transportation of M&V Limousines Ltd.

Established in 1993, the limo business provides a wide range of wine trips, among them trips for VIPs, groups and musicians. M&V Limousines and Hampton Luxury Liner Shared Media and Wine Tour take visitors on a wine sampling tour to three of six Long Island wineries during the week-ends from March to November.

Here is a view of the M&V Limousines and Hampton Luxury Liner estates, where you can get to know different vines and grape varieties - all at a tasting - and listen to real life musics. The luxury M&V Limousines and Hampton Luxury Liner busses will collect at 8:30 am in NYC (also Plainview in Nassau County at 9:15 am and Medford in Suffolk County at 9:45 am) and reach the first vine yard at 11 am.

Let yourself be driven to two more vines and spend a relaxed afternoons with wine tastings, real life and entertainment.

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