Wine and Food Festival Dutchess County Fairgrounds

Dutchess County Fairgrounds Wine and Food Festival

Find out more about the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest. Sell or buy tickets for events in Dutchess County Fairgrounds Rhinebeck. In search of food & drink wine tours - of events in New York? The Hudson Valley Wine Festival has plenty to eat. Largest are the Dutchess County Fair at the end of August and the Sheep and Wool Festival in mid-October.

The Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival

Hudson Valley Wine & Food is a wine and food festival that is held every year in September, the weekends after Labour Day. Now in its 16th year, the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest is pleased to announce that the show will be larger than ever before. On this astonishing week-end, individual guests will have the chance to taste literally a hundred of New York and worldwide wine, artisanal beer and spirit, enjoy some of the finest food from our one-of-a-kind Food Truck Corral, and buy gastronomic specialties and handicrafts.

IT' A NON-ALCOHOLIC TICKET. Regularly wearing entrance bands will NOT be alcoholic and if they witness drinking they will be asked to vacate the area. Meals are not including.

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Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest is a New York "foodie" life style party. Lunches from a wide range of exceptional food trucks and concessions. Get to know the gastronomic mysteries of local star cooks, attend our wine and food workshops and hear some of the latest cuisine.

Meals are not part of the entrance fee. Solid hours: High performance ticket management systems for event locations, pro sport, track and field and the fine art.

The Dutchess County Fairgrounds organises an annual wine and food festival

An abundance of decade tastings, flavoured beers, and exquisite food from all over the Hudson Valley were on display on 9 September at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck. At the centre of the celebration was wine, with marquees full of hundred of wines from different vines, many of which even offered tastings.

You can go through the front porch for $40 and get a wine glas for the many stalls. There was a $15 wristband for those who did not want to or were underage, which included a wine bottle on the way out. However, wine was only the easiest of the alcohol drinks on offer.

Throughout the exhibition there were stalls with whisky, apples, bourbon, moonlight strawberries and local vodka. Hudson Valley Distillers was one of those booths. Headquartered 9 leagues upstate from Rhinebeck, the Hudson Valley-based company has been marketing award-winning spirit drinks for 4 years. The festival gave tasters a foretaste of their apple-enriched liqueurs.

The visitor also came across extra virgin oils and vinegars of balmy with aromas of warm jalapño, truffles, white olives, cloves and almonds. "Grandpa Pete's Sunday Sauce," was also among the food tastes and offered aromas of wodka, cloves, meat as well as incense of tomatoes. Whilst food was not part of the fare, the possibilities were limitless.

Meanwhile, food truck ers were lining the exhibition grounds and offered a wide range of food from barbecues to Mexico, French truffles and breast pieces, breaded lobsters and mussels to Empanada and roasted cooking bananas. It was a place where crowds were sitting and enjoying life metal, food and drink at large round table in the heart of the show.

Beneath these desks and dancing there was a lorry with sample brews, which were part of the prize. Flavours range from pale to deep brown brewery brews such as Bell's, Bronx, Laquinitas, Long Trail, Peekskill, Sierra Nevada, Sixpoint, Sloop, Troegs Independent and Von Trapp. Everyone presented their best specimens of IPA, camps, wheat and Oktoberfest, presented in wine glass.

Every year the best of the best of the Hudson Valley meet at the Wine and Food Festival, and it is definitely not an occasion to miss next year.

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