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Comprehensive instructions for eating at the Big Apple. The city of New York is easy to fall in love with. herald the New Year at the hottest New Year's Eve parties in Times Square. Have a bite from the Big Apple on flights from Thunder Bay to New York. Of immigrants and workers' communities in New York City, Long Island and Westchester.

48 hours in New York: Eating, staying overnight + visiting 2018

Do you plan the prefect 48 hours in New York in 2018? We have an overview of the 48 hours in New York City, from the boutiques to the luxurious dining venues, from the food on the streets to the fine arts dealers. There are so many astonishing New York properties; from luxurious uptown boutiques to the trendiest Tribeca properties, you'll find something to match your outfit.

There is no place in New York like Viceroy Central Park. Are you looking for a classy fashion stop just a few minutes away from Central Park, then you've come to the right place. Situated on West 57th Street, between 5th and 8th Avenues, the resort is a great place to explore Central Park and the pulsating midtown.

The Frederick is another great find if you are looking for a lively, young New York outing. The Frederick is a fabulous Tribeca fashion shop for you. You know, this place The Greenwich is a must if you are looking for a stylish, classy and well appointed Lower Manhattan city.

It is one of the most beautiful hotel we have ever been to, let alone New York. Some of the Fleading Hôtels of the Welt, you can say that the interior has received the highest level of interest, the rooms blend a variety of styles and styles with atmosphere - from handwoven Chinese woven carpets of tibetans to British sofas of leathers, Swedish bedding, baths decorated in original designs of handmade handcrafted tiles from Morocco and Carrara-Marmor.

The Greenwich has everything you need in one place - it's a New York property. Sofitel New York is ideally situated to explore some of New York's best attractions, such as Times Square, Broadway Theaters, the Rockefeller Centre, Arts and more. It is the ideal place to stay if you are planning your first trip to New York and want to see the city.

It is a very large 30-story and 398 rooms, 52 of which are executive rooms and one executive lounge. There is also a gourmet gastronomic gourmet service in France, Gaby, which offers delicacies such as steak, burger and salad. To get a new place in the city you have to go to the LUMA Times Square as well.

It is a luminous and lightweight building, like a futuristic idea of a city. Midtownýs newest fashion store is just minutes from Times Square, making it a great place to visit some of the nearest attractions for tourists. It borders the beautiful Bryant Park and, more important, a huge Whole food to supply itself with all healthy food and butters.

Accommodation is great, especially the luxury rooms with quick WiFi, walk-in shower, intelligent televisions, sofabeds and large town view sills. There really isn't a West House in New York. When you' re looking for maximum intimacy and remoteness in a busy town, this is the place to be.

West House has the feeling of a classy uptown flat, all with the discrete services that makes it look like a home away from home. When you enter the city, you' ll experience some of the highlights of Carnegie Hall, Central Park and Fifth Avenue.

There are only 172 luxurious rooms in the resort, and you can choose from great service such as hairdryer, make-up and massage. Trendy, funny and forever classy, WestHouse must be at the top of your New York hospitality agenda. 48 hours in New York is just not enough, because there is so much to do in the town.

It has over 6 million people visiting the fair every year and you can see why - it's a neighborhood fair with a true spirit that provides some of the best New York dining to local people and travellers alike. One cannot stay 48 hours in New York and not attend one of its big musees.

Metropolitan Museum of Arts is one of the biggest and most beautiful arts museum in the wide open space of the globe and a must in New York. You will be offering a two-hour guided tours of Chelsea, SoHo and Lower East Side New York City from Tuesday to Sunday lunchtime.

Are you looking for something interesting in town? Do you need some room from the hubbub of the town? The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a wonderful place. There are so many great restaurants in New York that a single menu is not enough. Minnie' s is a great lower east side brunchespot and one of the best breakfast in New York.

Abe Farewell delivered the best jewelry in the city over the years and transformed his small ten-seater village restaurant into a New York school. The Russ & Daughters Cafe opened in 2014 to celebrate the centenary of Russ & Daughters - the world-famous appetizer and the New York school.

For a unique dining sensation, you must go to the Okamase food shop for your Okamase. A typical tea from Japan with tastings of ashimi, kaki and Nigeri. Situated in a tranquil Tribeca road - you'll wink and you'll miss it - this small town discretely serving some of the best Michelin-starred sushi you'll probably ever have.

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