Where to Hike near Nyc

Hiking near Nyc

The Loop Road to the ice caves. Approximately 8 trails near New York City Appalachia, the first on Tittel's shortlist, is generally referred to as "the longest footpath in the world". "From the state of Georgia to Maine, you can take this luxuriant path near Bellvale Mountain, about an hours and a half from New York City.

You can hike the first part of the trails near the Village of Greenwood Lake Recreation Park and then turn back whenever you want. The hike culminates in stunning vistas, stags, bears, moose and beavers, to name but a few.

Situated in Rockland County, the path is extremely scenic with sheer canyons, gullies, cascades and creeks. It is interesting that the path is a hotspot for artists who visit the cascades to inspire the area. Maybe one of the most treasured gemstones of the tri-state, this path is exceptional for one very good reason: about 2,500 hectares of pristine Hudson River promenade.

A deserted old Black Ash Mine gives this area even more personality. Across the Hudson, in Carmel, New York, is Taconic's unmissable 14.086-acre State Parc. Some of the main attractions are angling sites, campsite, a bathing area and perhaps the coolest: a protected area. Spotted mosquitoes, yellow-throated vireo, blue-grey mosquito catcher, small bittern and red-shouldered buzzard, to name but a few.

The excellent Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is unexpectedly located near John F. Kennedy Airport, which most New Yorkers overlook. Directly next to the famous Stone King Art Center is the Stone King State Park. First you will see the open-air market and then you will take a 7-minute trip to the beautiful Sturmkönigsberg.

From the top of this hike you will have unrivalled vistas of the Catskills and Hudson Valley. You can see if you can see the remains of Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island. Sandy Hook is an often lost gold chance for those who like to be near salt water (plus a dash in the Atlantic).

Tittel betrays that during the hottest part of the year, this navigational experience is easily reached by local transport from Manhattan. Take the Old Dune Trail, where the shouts of Ring-billed Gull and Glaucous Gull deliver a navigational sound track to your quest as you look for crab and shellfish.

It is a favourite for bikers and kitesurfers. Finish your outing with a seaside pick nick overlooking the Manhattan sky.

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