Where to go in the Hudson Valley

To where in the Hudson Valley?

Explore the perfect places for an autumnal weekend outing. The school' s almost over and the weather's warming up. It' the perfect time to get away. What to do with the Hudson Valley Brewery Crawl? The chances are good if you want it, we have it or will get it for you.

In the Hudson Valley where you can harvest a strawberry.

It' June is Hudson Valley straightforward. Nothing is cuter or more juicy than just plucked grapes. When you want to have a cake, shortcrust pastry or cake with your own grapes, you can harvest your own grapes on a farm just a few minutes away. However, don't miss to call first to see if it is available and harvest hours - blueberries are only available for a limited period of the year, and then it's bilberry-week!

On the following pages there are no berries, but they provide a wide range of other fruit.

More than 60 Hotspots in Hudson Valley

Bag a luncheon, take the children and discover the Hudson Valley. The Francis A. Hanofee Park, indoor park, outdoor pools, outdoor picnics, rowing boat/paddle boats for hire, and more. The Sunset Lake Rd., Liberty. The Harcourt Natural Sanctuary, between Wallkill River and Huguenot Street, New Paltz. The Hudson Valley RailTrack is a 4.2 mile long natural trekking, mountaineering and cross-country skiing path.

Wide vistas, footpaths, waterfall. Willcox Memorial Park, campsite, swim by the sea, picnic, angling, walking, sports grounds, minigolf.

Hudson Valley Collective

Just a two hours ride from NYC, The Collective redefined the campsite in something totally luxury and charming countryside. Situated on a working ecological estate and near the Hudson villages shops and dining establishments, the campsite is a consummate mix of remoteness but with all the comforts of the cityscape.

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They are all organically produced and cultivated in the area (by locals we mean within a kilometer or two).

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