Where is the Hudson River Valley on a Map

What map shows the Hudson River Valley?

But, don't believe us. To view/download the maps, click on the map or the interpretation piece name below: A romantic map of the Hudson River Valley... Map of the Hudson River Greenway Water Trail.

Many thanks to our long-time partner, the Hudson River Valley Greenway, who provided us with this map.

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Many thanks to our long-time associate, the Hudson River Valley Greenway, who provided us with this card. For information on the Greenway Water Trail locations shown below and a bigger copy of the maps, click here. We can also give you a route description to the individual locations.

The purpose of this page is to provide guidelines for the site and permissible use at the various locations. However, please be aware that prior approval is required for some locations. The information on the equipment of the site was up-to-date at the date of expulsion and depends on the property owner. You can read our Hudson Water Course Guides for a more precise definition of each starting point along the trails and other highlights, which include tips for canoeing, geological wildlife and wildlife of the valley, an account of the tide and streams along the way, and more.

Hudson River Watertrail Association is not and cannot be held liable for the content of this card.

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The Hudson River Watershed Alliance - Bassin hydrographique de la rivière Hudson

Hudson River runs from Lake Tear of the Clouds in the Adirondacks (from Lake Feldspar Brook it joins the Opalescent River, which joins the Hudson River) through New York Harbour to the confluence of the New Jersey Muzzle. Hudson River is over 325 nautical mile long and from Troy to New York Harbor is a tide confluence, about 153 mile.

Hudson estuary is a submerged stream dale, which was also partly eroded during the Ice Age. Mahican used to call the flow the Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk, meaning "great water in continuous motion" or, more relaxedly, "river flowing in two directions". Hudson is up to 200 ft in some places and can be up to 3.5 mile in width.

Over 206 different types of pelagic animals are living in the rivers. As the Hudson Riviera divides, it is draining approximately 13,390 sq. m. and comprises 11 large underwater catchment areas. Over 65 main rivers run into the Hudson and the Mohawk rivers are the biggest inlets. Connecticut, New York, Vermont, Massachussetts and New Jersey.

Ninety three per cent of the Hudson River divide is in New York State. Twenty five per cent of the Hudson River basins are used for farming, 60% are wooded and 8% are city. Nearly 60% of the divide is used for business or industry. Hudson River is the 13,390 square kilometre landmass from which the waters flow into the Hudson River.

In the United States it is 93% in New York State, 3% in Massachusetts, 2% in New Jersey and 1% in Connecticut. Hudson River Watershed contains three large underwater catchment areas, which in turn contain many smaller underwater catchments.

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