When is Restaurant Week in Westchester Ny

When' s Restaurant Week in Westchester Ny?

Featuring options that span the Hudson Valley and Westchester, here are six great options to fix your restaurant week. The city of New York, in the heart of the Historic River Towns District of Westchester County. Here you will find delicious Port Chester Tapas & Margaritas. Hour Gift Cards Events & Holidays Register in our Press & Media Career Videos email list. Eat at some of Westchester's best restaurants at an incredible discount on lunch and dinner.

Reservations for 6 HV Restaurant Week Spot - Food. Buzz. Mullion. - OKOctober 2017

Hudson Valley restaurant rates go down twice a year in March and November, offering 3-course pre-fixed dinner for $32.95. The Hudson Valley Restaurant Week will be attended by 115 Westchester Restaurant this autumn - a false name, as the meeting will last two whole months - from 30 October to 12 November.

At the beginning of this autumn chef Matt Kay Chef Justin Ortiz (The Breslin, Wolf and Lamb) came along to expand the cuisine. This week's restaurant offers some of Ortiz's new meals and the convenience foods that have made Cedar Street Grill so well-loved. It' typical of this classy Port Chester restaurant to eat some of the best shellfish in the state.

Fortunately, there are many ways for Saltaire to show what he does best - crude, shellfish, simple cooked seafood - on the HVRW-Menue. Booking a roundtable at 6:30 pm but come to the pub early to sip $1 oyster during the Wine & Brine happy hour on Thursdays.

Somewhat more relaxed than the real thing, the 45 seat course provides a generous view of the Hudson River and the viaduct at no additional charge. The function room and restaurant Cortlandt Manor has always had historical charms and breathtaking view of the Hudson River. The One Twenty One, one of our favourite places, has a different weekly meal.

Cute potatoe chipsoup with peppitas, fried mushrooms and pizzas with hot pears, apples and cherries from the first week. Dark green lettuce with headcheese and headcheese fondues, salvia and chestnuts on a leek cream roll and chocolate-tea-brownie ice-cream sundaes from the second week. Two things that are most important at Kittle House - the charms of the imposing 1790' restaurant and the sophisticated procurement of indigenous produce by chef Jay Lippin - do not alter with the lower inconvenience.

Game Hive bio-rotquinoa lettuce with radichio, shaven parmesan, roast nuts and nut vinegrette; slowly roast Hudson Valley leg of leg of lamb and Kittle Kat Krunch cake with sun-dried kirsch or Crown Maple Pumpkin Brûlée Pie.

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