Whats going on in the Hudson Valley

What's going on in the Hudson Valley?

Stay up to date with what's happening at the party. Step beyond the Farm-to-Table restaurants and go straight to the source in Westchester and Hudson Valley! The next stop is Hudson Falls. Rhinecliff Volunteer Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary is hosting their first Penny Social and Holiday Gathering. The Hudson Valley Foot Associates is a partnership of certified specialists dedicated to the care of your feet.

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County Orange Antiques Fair and Fleamarket. But already now it is regarded as the fastestgrowing antiques carnival in the region! County Fairgrounds, 100 Carpenter Avenue, Middletown. 43. yearly gemstone, mineral, fossil and jewellery fair and sales! Organized by the Mid-Hudson Valley Gem & Mineral Society, Inc. There will be a quilting exhibition of over 200 quilting objects at Rondout Valley Middle School, 122 Kyserike Road, Accord, NY. on Saturday, October 6 from 10-5 and Sunday, October 7 from 10-4.

The Hudson Valley Rail Train Gala: Take a five-kilometre walk through the creepy forests, tunnel and cave of Williams Lake. Zombie Escape runs get a healthy flaggen├╝rtel ( "two flags" like in the case of flaggenfu├čball ) - stay away from the zombie and come through the forest with at least one flagg and all your mind and you' ll be a winner.

11:00 am 1K Kids Fun Run (FREE!) 11:15 am 5K Timed Race & Zombie Escape, 11:30 am 2K Fitness Walk/Hike. 434 Williams Lake Rd, off Binnewater Road, Rosendale.

Do you pay heed to what's going on?

It' been almost a year since I let you know what's going on in my head. Do you miss me or were you glad you didn't have to listen to my point anymore? This seems like a nightmare I've seen that is so insane that it seems too insane to be credible.

It' like a film where you can't believe or even comprehend what you just saw. Is what I see on TV really "real" or am I just having a dream and having a bad dream? Can' we not see that we are all in serious difficulties.

We' had'All' better'Wake Up' and notice what's really going on and where this land is going. With or without our agreement, we are "all" on the road to "destruction" if things go further in the way they are moving. You may not always be able to comprehend my point of views, but please don't let this happen so you can't at least try to try to comprehend me, and why my point of views are as they are.

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