What to do in Ulster County

Things you can do in Ulster County

Thank you to Fran, Mohonk Mountain House, Walkway Over the Hudson, Mohonk Preserve, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary & D&H Canal Museum for their hospitality. @ Kingston Center of SUNY Ulster And @ Stone Ridge Campus. The Ulster County event program offers a variety of events to help businesses succeed.

The county of Ulster County is located in the Mid-Hudson region of Hudson Valley and Kingston is the county seat.

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The Ulster County, New York Guide - Design* Sponge

I will always return to work and my boyfriends, but I knew that open space and clean outdoor space were exactly what I needed. A little over a year ago, Julia and I drove into the Ulster County hinterland to see the homes. So we fell in Love with the last home we saw on our first search and made an offering the next one.

The Ulster County was such an inviting place to life, and every time of year comes with something unbelievable - and another good excuse to fell in lov with this lovely place. I have decided to classify this guidebook by geographical area, because although you can travel through the county within one easy trip, you cannot do all these things in one single trip.

Many of you have grown up in this area, I know, so don't hesitate to include your favourite points in the comment below - or, if you want to include part 2 of this manual to help me with areas I haven't yet covered, send us a message!

In contrast to the eastern side of the Hudson River, Ulster County has no rail connection. Apart from a few cities, I think AirBnb has the best chance of being in Ulster County (AndNorth has worked out some great ones). Some B&Bs and hotel are here, but none of them is as beautiful as I hoped.

These are my favourite accommodations: So, if you're planing a journey next year, look at their website to see if it's open. A few big hotel chains exist in the area (Courtyard Kingston, etc.), but I strongly suggest trying an Open BnB to make a really great locale outing.

So, if you want to stay near the area for a while and see what's going on on your campsite, you should take a look at the timetable. So I have a weakness for historical towns like this. Breathtaking building and this is a great place to take a stroll and make some history.

It' not the nicest place, but if you're here on a wet night, it's a good one. If you want to sleep somewhere other than in a rented home, but don't want to abandon your fluffy boyfriends, this is a good one. Acclaimed as a meeting place, this award-winning dining venue offers excellent local foods.

This is one of my favourite places to enjoy a peaceful midweek meal. They have a great choice of teas and huge trays of poultry broth that they offer in cold winters. That place reminded me of my favourite colleges for lunch/coffee, and I mean that in a good way. Kudasai: Homemade frames and a large variety of Korean and Korean style food make this one of my favourite places to get take-out.

Well, if you're a rock climber, you probably already know this place. It is located right next to the mountains and offers a large choice of hot, soothing cuisine. Not drinking, but this winebar is a favourite among my buddies and has a large choice of snack bars to choose from while you enjoy a quick cup of tea with your mates.

and a break with cooked meals. It is the ideal place to enjoy a snack for a long stroll or a forest trip, and there is also a wide choice of Jane's Ice Cream for a leisurely stroll. It is one of my favourite stalls on a farmyard, which also has a large glasshouse on it.

Going shopping: For me New Paltz is not a giant mall, but I like the downtown Water Street Market for great antiques dealers. The Groovy Blueberry is a fun place to try out if you' re into patching and wearing your own old T-shirts. The main reason I know Kingston is because it's the city Max and Daniel went to a few years ago.

Duet: I like duet for brass. You have great homemade sandwiches and Kimchi and your menus have a beautiful selection of dishes that are always good. and it' good to have this place close by. In Kingston I go to an outdated place more often than any other place because it's part antiques and part coffee/lunch.

Loving your faux-reo cookie. So I felt overwhelmed at this place until we had the Korean tacos. Sissy' s doesn't always get a great deal of romance, but I came here a few x for a cup of coffee and a snack and it was always great. Elephant, but my buddies in the town are loving their tapas card.

The Kingston Farmers' Markets (Saturday to November): Nearly every city in Ulster has its own farmer's fair (or two), but Kingston's is especially good. In the city centre the Hauptstraße is closed and the street is lined with locals. Not drinking, but this place is amazingly well stocked and all Julia's boyfriends love her rose collection this sommer.

For shopping: As much as I like your flower work, I do. When you are in the city and need a sweet present (they also wear home accessories), this is your ideal hold. It' s a big ''dig around'' store (Julia and I walked alone in her cellar through 6,000 doorways to find a new back door), but pricing is reasonable and you can often find some very specific items.

I' ve got a lot on a pile of ancient chopping board here (a common favourite of Julia and me) and their choice is really amazing. S&T surplus: If there ever was a store just waitin' to be used for a project runway test, that's it. Teske Jay: This really nice little grocery store has really nice handbags and all kinds of different kinds of leathers.

One of my favourite craftsmen is Jack Decker. With him we have worked together on several different ventures in our house and really loved each one of them. I' m not tired of giving up New York locations for the state. Several of my favourite groups have already performed here twice this year. Every autumn the event takes place; see their website for the latest information.

The first time I ever fallen in Love with Woodstock was during a holiday in the hinterland in 2006. Floating punctures are my favourite activity at the Catskills (which we enter now). My favourite is The Big Deep in Woodstock. Believe the region's natural beauties until you have explored all the unbelievable peaks, streams and lowlands it has to offer. What a wonderful place to visit!

Catskill Mountains are a very unique place and you can try your hand at hiking paths and guide books and be sure to see The Town Tinker in Phoenicia if you want to take the subway down the stream in warm weathers! Woodsstock Film Festival / Upstate Films: Juliet and I saw a film at Upstate Films in Woodstock while we were on vacation in West Hurley last year, and that evening set the seal on the agreement for me to move here full time.

Everybody there was so kind, the choice of films was great and it has the great Gemeinschaftskunsthaus that I like in a cinema. In addition - great (and weird) choice of snacks. The Woodstock Festival takes place here every year. The trip to the city is definitely rewarding. Woodstock Drum Circle + free concerts:

Each Sunday at 4pm, Woodstock residents walk into the major streets with their own bongo and percussion to make a apparently impromptu percussion group. Former hyppie in me can't help how fun and cute and sincere this is for this city. By chance, if you're in the city during one of the Paul Green Rock Academy gigs (on which the Jack Black movies are based), don't miss it!

Woodstock Museum of Fine Arts, the Byrdcliffe Guild and the Centre for Photography: Woodsstock is an unbelievable city full of performers, doers and musician. When you are in the city, please visit these stunning companies and museum to get a foretaste of what is going on in the arts world. Latest movies in Woodstock. Picture of the Woodstock Inn.

That Town Tinker Tooting! For shopping: Initially this garage sale began as an offshoot of Graham & Co. and is now relocating to Ulster County and even New Jersey! Visit their website to find the nearest popup venue to find their list of locale (and NYC area) providers.

Nest Egg County Store: This is a nice little countryside place for sweets, cards, trail guide and small chances and risks to make your trip to the countryside a pleasure (think of Jenga and great puzzles). Woodsstock general store: For me, this place always felt more like Brooklyn than Woodstock, but I can't help but look at her wide range of clothes, walking goods and nice little things for the home.

It' s a great place to go to his nice eating places (my favourites) and test them. Hystery Spots Antiques: A funny antiques store in Phoenicia that always seems a little crazy and cranky, but it's a great place to search for pin and see if you can find something more.

Woodsstock Music Shop: If you' re in Woodstock, right? It is a funny place to go with children to see and discover awesome musicals ( and vinyls ). And my favourite is mouth-watering quintilla noodles. Mama' s Boy Market and Cafe: In Phoenicia, the small stain behind the Graham & Co. offers good barbecue and funny deserts behind the bar.

The square was opened this year right on the edge of Woodstock city centre. Orole 9: Great breakfasts and lunches from the same folks who bought you Yum Yum Yum noodles in Kingston (also in Woodstock in a smaller corner). Woodstock Cucina: It seems to be everyone's favourite place in Woodstock, especially if you have kids.

Your cakes are my favourite (go early to bring them, they're sold out!) and their sweets are ideal for hot summers. You have several sites, but the Woodstock site is my favourite. Since our move, Julia and I have been looking for the best classical slip in Ulster County, and that's our favourite after trying every place we recommend in the area.

It is a local/seasonal favourite and although I haven't been there yet, it is on my to-do listing. It is a cute city with a great big horse viola and many nice outlooks. Run by the municipality, this theatre shows outstanding indigenous films throughout the year and is run by locally recruited people. The Rosendale Farmer's Fair (every Sunday):

This is your place if you live in the city and want to buy locally produced products. When you want to explore a group room full of gifted girls in the city, call this workshops to see if it is open to people. It is a favourite with the locals and has fantastic snacks and ready meals and a wide choice of "fancy food stores" if you want to have a good pick nick and go for a walk.

Markt Market: Located directly opposite the Trailways coach (which brings you to and from New York - in fact you can buy coach ticket at the Markt Market), this contemporary dining establishment has a fine choice of meals. but they also make a lovely fried broiler.

For shopping: My favourite florist in the region is this one. This is a great place to test if you want to take some nice flowers home with you. Every year the Brad Ford design (who also live in the area) puts together an unbelievably nice sophisticated garage sale (think of BDDW and Remodelista).

The ( self led ) trip through the former channel sluices of the region is a small and interesting part of the region's historical heritage. For shopping: For more information, visit Ron's Facebook page. A great new antiques store offering a beautiful selection of high quality goods. An attractive blend of household and home goods with an environmentally conscious approach.

Offering a sound choice of contemporary floral products, presents, cookery books, candle holders and jewellery. Last bite: A nice little café with coffe and dinner. I and Julia call this Mid-Ulster County Area Home, and although it may not be that outlandish ( although Stone Ridge has some mainly chic houses), it's where my guts are.

To me, this is the best part of Ulster County. There is a children playground, a children playground and an underground jump cushion (picture of a hopping hill embedded in the ground) for children of all ages. They live on the land part-time and have a full-time grower who keeps the fruit garden going (you can harvest apple or observe their honey bees, swine and chickens) and who is in the process of producing the maple sirup.

As part of the same railway system that runs throughout the country, this platform is mainly forested and offers a good opportunity to experience the tranquility of the countryside, especially in Winter. Cherrie''s Deli: If I'm 100% truthful, this is our favourite place to eat. We' re happy to drop by during the weekend for soft-serve or great chips.

That' my favourite stall in the neighborhood. Another farmer's stall, SAUNDERKILL, is run by a locals familie with a range of products, warm meals (they have a delicious "make your own" morning oat flake snack bars and good bagels) and a wonderful panoramic views. Homemade, cute and with good homemade foods, this is the place for locals.

Your Mexico nights (which seem to be a trendy time in the county at the moment) are quite good - but we like your brush (free turnips!) best. This is a great place for breakfasts (although they recently began to serve supper, I haven't tried it yet). The Southern Ulster County has a large Orthodox and Chassidic Jewish community, so this pastry shop has a long tradition of making its own bread and cakes.

It is a favourite of the lovers down here and they are known for freshness, from the farmyard to the dinner tables. Well, we loved her custard bacon. So if you live further down in Ulster County, this is a great place to enjoy a cake. For shopping: It is a very unique place that stores and gathers seed for plant and vegetable produce, with parcels created by locals.

They can find their seed in one of the nearby stores, such as the Davenport Farmers' Merc.

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