What to do in Dutchess County

Things you can do in Dutchess County

View all current events - Add your event. The Dutchess County is a county in the US state of New York. American Outreach ; Dutchess Outreach ; Family Services, Inc.

Appreciate what they do and how much safer they make me feel.


Six August holidays in August, the Bucho Exhibition Centre on Route 9 in Rheinebeck is home to almost half a million visitors. New York State's second biggest district trade show is the Dutchess district's agricultural venue. Visitors will be able to enjoy the fairground as an amusement park where they will be able to enjoy great name talents, experience "thrills in a minute" at one of the best carnivales in the whole nation, free shows and rides can be seen almost all the way from arrival to departure.

For over 170 years, the Dutch ess County has been the Dutchess County Fair. The traditions of excellency offer something for everyone and create unforgettable memories that will be cultivated for a lifetime. Your Dutchess County Day will be a great time. In 1842 the first formal mass took place in Washington Hollow. It was also staged in Poughkeepsie in the area of today's Mill and Catherine Streets.

In the 1900s, the trade show had to cope with substantial pecuniary difficulties. By 1917, the Poughkeepsie Exhibition Centre had been used to mobilise men on the home front in the name of men in warfare. 1919 the issue of the exhibition's prospects in Dutchess County arose.

The weather always influences the trade show. During the following years of depression the exhibition continues to grow at a negative rate. In 1942 the mass was canceled because of the war. At the end of the war, after the 1945 mass, the limitations on the use of natural gases were abolished. The Dutchess County was in good condition after almost 100 years of ups and downs.

The trade show had to be closed prematurely in 2011 due to Winter Storm Irene and an earth quake. The newly established Dutchess County Agriculture Society, Inc. bought Springbrook Park in 1950 and changed its name to Dutchess County Fairgrounds. Over the years, the building work on the exhibition grounds has been consistent and astounding. Today, the biggest 6-day agriculture show in New York State has a natural flower that is considered one of the most attractive in the state.

The Dutchess County is the best six-day trade show in the Netherlands, according to the " inside " of the sector. It is an occasion for our growers to present the best of their stock and the best their crops and businesses have been able to grow. Peasants throughout the land work, grow and plot for month in the hopes of acquiring one or more of these coveted bluebands.

There' s no better place to present farming than at a carnival. Discover the marvels of farming and find out more by paying a visit to our peasants. "Hill Livestock" - 12 hectares of exhibition grounds devoted to the presentation of the best animals of the area. Greetings to the Agricultural Tent - the Dairy Birthing Center included: Here viewers can see the life born of a veal, as well as exhibitions of award-winning agricultural crops and products.

Some of the most enchanting Hudson Valley parks add to the charms of Dutchess County Fairground. Every year, growers enrich the 147-hectare exhibition grounds with tens of theme parks. Certainly no trade show attendance would be completely without a tour of the horticultural building.

Work Sugar House and Cider Mill - Learn how to make a maple sirup from the juice of the 100 maple tree plants that decorate the exhibition grounds. Dutchess County Fair offers the chance to present not only farming but also the best of our past. Walking along the "Memorial Street" will be a real joy for our senior citizens and will be an unforgettable experience for the young people in your group.

The Bentley One-Room Shoolhouse - An authentically one-room building that has been relocated to the Exhibition Grounds is full of mementoes that reflect the building's education practice and activity in a bygone age. Luckily, you can come at a point when one of the actual instructors at the college is your tour leader.

The Pleasant Valley Storic Train Center - Relocated and refurbished, the Pleasant Valley Storic Train Center offers the municipality the chance to see and experience the Hudson Valley's history of industry, an essential part of its history. Judges Pavilion from Washington Hollow - The booth of the Viktorian judge came from the old Dutchess County Fairgrounds Washington Hollow venue on Route 44.

But the new owner felt that it was part of the story and really should be part of the Dutchess County FAIRGROUND again. Work Sugar House and Cider Mill - Learn how to make a maple sirup from the juice of the 100 Maple tree plants that decorate the exhibition grounds. The Dutchess County is home to some of nature's most magnificent game.

The exhibition offers tranquil recreation for pets and tourists in a very particular area of the exhibition grounds, sheltered by a porch of deciduous and evergreenery. Our 300 suppliers of handicrafts, food, groceries, shops and service collections are the ideal place to find home and outdoor products, uniquely handcrafted products, amazingly packed food and liquor, cars and a variety of service offerings.

More than 300 single salesmen in these premises, spread all over the exhibition grounds, sell everything from precious jewellery to saucepans and saucepans. Whilst the regular trade show sellers throughout the exhibition centre offer all the delicious delicacies associated with a Provincial Trade Show attendance, a stroll in the D Palace offers the possibility to take home a variety of delicious delicacies.

Get sweets, honeys, genuine Maple soup, preserves, jellies, fruit juices and oh yes, don't miss the apple on a cane, coated with delicious cocoa! All your favourite trade show gifts can be purchased in the outdoor area near the administration building. You can take home your reminiscences of your trade show days and more at the gift stall.

No matter whether you are a kid or a kid in your hearts, there is more to see and do at this year's Dutchess County fair than ever before. Among the trade show attractions of this year are: Any dog wishing to take part must have a vaccination against antirabies and a vaccination card (required by the State of New York).

2018 Grandstand series line-up - Come and enjoy the fun! Dutchess County Fair grandstand ticketing will open one hours before the show at the grandstand door. Tribune seats can only be bought on-line. No grandstand seats are sold outside the fairgrounds. Please note: Anyone who enters the exhibition grounds must present a current entry card, also for participation in grandstand music.

Any dog wishing to take part must have a vaccination against antirabies and a vaccination card (required by the State of New York). Join the trains or buses and see the Dutchess County Fair.

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