What states Border new York

Border New York?

Richmond, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin. In the south, New York borders Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Atlantic. Connecticut border New York and Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Canada and Pennsylvania in the west. States bordering the state of New York are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

New York Geography (State)

New York State's geographical situation is very different. The largest part of New York (state) is ruled by farming, forestry, rivers, mountain and lake areas. The Adirondack Park in New York is bigger than any US National Park in the neighboring United States. Niagara Falls on the Niagara River, which runs from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, is a favourite area.

Hudson River begins near Lake Tear of the Clouds and runs southwards through the east part of the state without drainage of the George and Champlain Forests. At its northerly end, Lake George joins Lake Champlain, whose northerly end reaches as far as Canada, where it joins the Richelieu River and then St. Lawrence.

Of the five districts of New York City, four are located on the three islets at the Hudson River estuary: and Brooklyn and Queens on Long Island. "Upstate is a popular name for New York County, just off Westchester, Rockland and Dutchess County. The Upstate New York region usually comprises the Catskill Mountains or areas just off the Catskill Mountains, the Capital Districts, The Adirondacks, the Erie Canal, Lake Champlain, Otsego Lake, Oneida Lake; such as Delaware, Genesee, Mohawk and Susquehanna.

New York's highest peak is Mount Marcy of the Adirondacks. The Mid-Atlantic Census Bureau is based in New York, in the north-eastern United States. Covering 54,556 sq. km (141,299 km2), New York is the twenty-seventh state. The state is bordered by six US states:

The Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the southern part and Connecticut, Rhode Island (via Long Island Sound), Massachusetts and Vermont in the eastern part. It is bordered to the northern side by the Ontario and Quebec counties of Canada. New York also crosses the Atlantic Ocean in the southeastern part and two of the Great Lakes:

The Lake Erie in the western part and Lake Ontario in the northwestern part. It is bordered to the southern side by the Mohawk River, whose highland becomes part of the Allegheny Plateau, in the shape of wide, uneven mounds interrupted by the gorges of the creeks. Mohawk' s Vale divides the Allegheny Plateau in the southern part from the highland that leads to the Adirondacks in the northern part and reaches its closest point in the vicinity of Little Falls, the Noses and other places.

To the north of the Mohawk, the northeastern part of the country extends into various areas, all of which end on Lake Champlain. Fifth division comprises all brooks that flow into the lakes George and Champlain. Its most important watercourses are the Chazy, the Saranac, the Abable and the Wood Creek. Tertiary loam layers stretch along the banks of Lake Champlain and Wood Creek.

Most of the waters in this area are coloured by the irons over which they flow.

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