What's Happening in Hudson Valley

What's happening in Hudson Valley?

I' m looking forward to seeing you at our next social event. Exercise between the waves as time allows. This is a major event of the Chamber of Commerce. The Braille and large print editions of the event programme are available on site. in Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Kingston, New Paltz, Ellenville, Millbrook, Rhinebeck and Dover Plains.

"Whom can you turn to for turnkey events and excellent service for an intimate group of, for example, 300 people?

"Whom can you turn to for turnkey events and excellent service for an intimate group of, for example, 300 people? One of the biggest challenges we could have imagined was the course itself: a huge area of paradise here in Hudson Valley without any comforts!

This conversion would be amazing - from silent business electricity production to air-conditioned clubhouse-style toilet facilities with all the comforts. That' s just while everyone gathered and enjoyed taking photos and pose in the clever'photo frame' so families and buddies could take some funny and unforgettable photos before the big game.

At the right time we strolled to the central marquee, where we collected our place cards and were accompanied to a nicely decorated round dinner with them. It was a truly exceptional marquee - it was like 50' x 75' with 25-30' high towers - central location for desks on both sides with central wooden dancefloor and sound.

Dozens of commercially owned aircraft that had been placed around the area in a strategic position provided a very enjoyable and enjoyable event, even on this otherwise humid hot and humid hot day, as we were enjoying the local cheerfulness and companionship - and some marvellous meat dishes from the local head cook that complemented the delicious local dishes and drinks at this outstanding marriage, which was highlighted by Danielle and her exceptional group.

In fact, my missus and I were so amazed by the whole thing -- well thought-out plans, elaborate preparation and genuine homemade food from astonishing starters to delicious desserts and coffee -- that we had to wonder who did it all -- and how? It managed the company and supervised the meeting - and ensured that everything went according to plan and correctly.

Kudos, Danielle! It was an astonishing whole and the easiness with which I knew she and her co-workers took charge of every detail was unbelievable. You took charge of everything and I could just really appreciate my performance. Trendsetter is really one of the first caterers in the Hudson Valleys. She has a special note for every occasion.

Marriages, birthday parties, theme parties, you call it trendsetter has made it! Trendsetter is 5 star from beginning to end!

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