What is a Valley in Geography

Where is a valley in geography?

The THESAURUS valley is an area in the lower part of the country between two hill lines or mountains, usually with a river flowing through the valley. The valley is a land form that lies between two hills or mountains and is longer than wide. The valley is an especially wide river valley. Geoography facts V-shaped valley rivers flow in their upper reaches through V-shaped valleys.

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Broad/WideWe were looking down on the broad valley.deep/steepa viaduct over a low valley of the valley valleyaThe trail leads through nice forested valleys of the river.a green/ wooded/lush valley (=one with many vegetation or tree that grow in it) We were on a crest over a verdant valley, with the mountain above.

Thames/San Fernando etc. Valley ValleyThere are vast vistas of the Forth Valley.valley + NOUNthe Valley bottomMost the city is on the Valley floor.phrasesthe side of a ValleyHe glanced across to the other side of the Valley.the slope of a valleyThey living in the homes of Steins on the hillsides of a forested valley.

There is a large cascade at the top of a valley.The bottom of a valley. The bottom of a valley was crossed by a small bridge.THESAURUS valley is an area of the lower country between two line of hill or hill, usually with a flow through it. The trail leads through a secluded upland.

up the Gokyo Valley to see Mount Everestgorge, a low, small valley with cliffs - often used in name, especially in EuropeThe stream runs through a wide ravine.

Ravine a small valley with very precipitous sidesIt dropped down a glen.glen a glen in Scotland or IrelandYou followed the stream along the gorge.the Glens of Antrimgully a small narrower valley, usually made up by much rains that flows down the side of a hillYou arrived at the top by climbing up a gorge.

Mam Tor is the first destination on the hike along the mountain crest that divides the Hope and Edale dales - new foottip design allows skiers to climb almost any of them.

  • the Mississippi River Valley - the more lives stuff themselves into the valley, the more space it can create for further lives - every year several thousand humans abandon the valley and only a few arrive - the Navy lands on the beaches just before it. The winds that blow up the valley decide in which way the tree falls.
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