Western Ny Wineries


Vineyards in western New York. There are five wineries producing world-class wines just a short drive from all over western New York. Distilleries & Breweries, NY State's first combined winery. You can buy our wines at our winery and all over New York. Situated directly opposite the winery, the grass airfield is still in operation today.

West New York Wineries - Lake Erie and Chauauqua

With over 30,000 hectares of vineyards, 23 wineries known as Lake Erie Wine Country and the 50-mile long Lake Erie Shore Course at Tour America's grape discovery center. Chautauqua County winegrowers grow about 65% of New York State's entire yearly vintage, which is then used in the production of wine marketed in the United States and in more than 35 different markets around the globe.

Labrusca such as Concord and Niagara predominate, but the weather is particularly favourable for Teutonic grape varieties and hybrid varieties, and the selection of vines ranges from dried to sweeter, and includes award-winning desserts, iced and delicatessen. Come to wineries for tasting all year round! Do you need transport for your trip?

Liberal Vineyards and Wineyards is a small, family-run vineyard that produces a wide range of award-winning products to suit every taste. Join us and see one of the latest Lake Erie Wineries Country enhancements. Offering wineries, a souvenir store and a generous sampling room, we take in many of our unique activities!

Charter offers range from wineries, marriages, sporting activities or just a night in the city, and our cars can accommodate up to 34 people. This is the first winemaking, distilling and brewing company in the state of New York. Try five & 20 small batches of spirit, among them whisky & bitter, and artisan beer and award-winning Mazza Chautauqua Cellarss.

You can also taste Bird √Čatery wines and beers in the warm season in our beautiful patio or under the gazebo. Visitor centre, souvenir store, sampling room and exhibition area, which tells the history of over 150 years of viticulture in the Lake Erie vine area, where more than 20 wineries and 30,000 hectares of vines are located in the oldest and biggest Concord vine area in the word.

Johnson Estate, the oldest vineyard in the area, makes over 30 different types of wine from 115 hectares of vines. Specialising in Riesling and iced wine, the estate also makes award-winning classics from Europe as well as French-Hybrid and Labrussian favourites. More than 20 wineries, about 50 leagues long, are producing award-winning wine such as viniferas, iced wine, fruity wine and specialty wine such as spirits and harbours.

The wineries are open all year round - schedule your journey and discover the wealthy legacy of one of America's oldest wine-growing areas. Visit our establishments and the nearby vines and savour a glas of good wines in our hospitality room, which is open all year round and offers free guided visits and tasting sessions. Located in an 189 hectare vineyard with stunning views of the vineyard and Lake Erie, just a few steps from Westfield, New York's most famous wine-growing area.

Chautauqua / Lake Erie Style Trail. Founded in 2000, Willow Creek Winery has 18 different types of fine and fine white and white grapes. Woodbury, home of the "Best Northern Hemisphere Chardonnay" (Intervin 1988), has produced extraordinary vines since its foundation in 1979. We have a large choice of fine and fruity drinks (from dried to sugary and in between....and even fruity ones from the real fruit!) and we are sure to find a good one for your taste buds!

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