Westchester Weddings

West Weddings

Honeymoon location near Westchester, NY. The Castle Hotel & Spa offers the perfect setting for all wedding venues in Westchester.

White Plains Area Resort Marriage Resort

Our expert schedulers will help you down to the last detail. Relieve yourself of the stresses of your big days by taking a look at our weddings. Discuss your marriage plan with us and explore this stunning marriage venue..... Encircled by 114 hectares of gentle hill country in Westchester County, Doral is the ideal place to enjoy and commemorate your work.

Experiences from the first contacts, the planing, the reaction to queries and the support in the search for suppliers were first-rate. I' m the daddy of the chick, and my daugther did the plan. It was Rosaria Costa who was my daughter's liaison officer and. of course she reacted to all the daughter's needs and offered outstanding services and respons. I had a fantastic welcome.

When I or one of my visitors entered Doral, we were handled as if the whole marriage was the marriage one. Tables and bars during the marriage were first-rate. Our waiters were very alert to the needs of my customers. My visitors only complimented me on the whole event.

It was not only the welcome itself that was a great achievement, but also the detailed scheduling with the employees was a great delight. You gave us your free rein, gave us good advices, were agile and made this a great one. Thank you Doral, you deserve an A+++ in all of our classes, and our visitors like it.

The Catering Sales Manager, Elizabeth Topf, made the whole design as smooth as possible! That Doral marriage was more than I had expected! They offered an extraordinary level of services. The Doral " was well taken good care of by our relatives and acquaintances..... Rosaria, our events organiser, was with us every step of the way and helped us in every way imaginable, with Jerry we didn't have to take any action.

You are EXPERT in this profession and we felt in good hands from the moment the marriage was book. It was nothing less than AMATZING from the nice ball room, to the dinner cooked by top cook Michael, to the tablecloths and the perfect cuisine.

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