Westchester Upstate

Upstate Westchester

But one thing the people of Long Island or elsewhere have to stop is to tell me that I come from the hinterland of New York. Someone else says it's all north of Westchester. Don't tell the people who live there it's in the hinterland. The Westchester is definitely not "in the hinterland". West/Upstate.

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Weschester County is not'Upstate' New York

I' m going to start by attending a college where the vast majority of students come from the north-east, and within this vast bulk most of them come from Long Island. I' ve got nothing against Long Island. I have some of my best mates from Long Island.

But one thing the folks of Long Island or elsewhere have to stop is to tell me I'm from the hinterland of New York. The Westchester isn't fucking north. That'?s what New York looks like: Please see where Westchester County is on this beautiful map:

If you couldn't insight it out, Westchester is the FURTHEST SOUTH Count of all the region before it motion the region and all the municipality spirit. See how much more UPSTATE you can get from Westchester? As you go north, the more the New York stress you're used to hear turns into a countryside one.

Hey, again, no dishonor for upstate folks. I' m just trying to point out that we in Westchester see our way of life differently from what we call the "hinterland". Well, I'm sorry, but if someone in the back country phones us, we get suspensive. When you tell someone from Westchester that they come from the hinterland, I pledge that you will receive a very instructive and very self-justifying address about what they definitely are not.


Additionally, 2003 mean housekeeping revenue was higher than that of Westchester, Nassau or Suffolk (seventh in the nation), so to name it second category is bad. 3 mile place westward from here and the same gap from NYC as I'm wayyyyy is upstate. It' s right next to Canada" Get a cup of rock land for your boyfriend Georges.

Fifteen nautical miles into town? Nearer to the town than many other places in Westchester. Or Suffolk County. You can' t buy a place like this in Westchester? Receive a skirt country mug for your Nathalie Fishes. and upstate......Read a rock country has more connections to the town then long island wants to acknowledge, and that's why everyone hated on skirt country........

ICELAND SHOULD SINK! as one of the most expansive places in the USA among all the other NYCs? sub-zones. Go get a Rockland mug for your Facebook buddy Manley.

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