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Whitplains Resorts & Hotels with Spas: The SpringHill Suites from Marriott Tarrytown Westchester County. Find out more about our luxury spa with answers to frequently asked questions and information about treatments and guidelines. Indulge yourself in a spa hotel and resort in White Plains on your next vacation! Garrison Resort Salon offers body treatments, massage, haircut, style and color, make-up, manicure and more.

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If you like, you can hear the chirping of a cricket, relax in five-star deluxe dining or celebrate until daybreak with the Lindsay Lohan Kiddies. The spa at Mohonk Hill House is the embodiment of the elegance of Victoria and the latest additions to one of the last large nineteenth centuary buildings.

Mohonk is a hiker wonderland with 85 leagues of wildlife tracks on its doorstep. Mohonk is a mekka. Immerse yourself in Victorian-style basketwork next to a chimney formed from the mountain's whitestone. Signature Mohonk is using a magical nut - and yes, it is scarlet - that has been planted on the land, poured into steamy warm hand cloths and prepares your muscle for a worldwide mediay er of massaging skills such as Swedish, accupressure, Lomi Lomi from Hawaii and Thai-stretching.

Swing chair balcony offers you the possibility to admire the view of the Catskills or the sea and get warmed up with the rare piece of the Resorts - a genuine wooden fire place. Mohonk is not elegant - and that is its charme. Food, snacks and teas are provided, along with most of the resort's facilities.

Mohonk Red Massages cost $170 for 80 mins. 50-minute session in Sweden costs $105. Prices includes three lunches, physical activity courses and most recreational pursuits (including children) and begin at $445 (double occupancy). Only 77 leagues north-west of White Plains. No wonder they can rub well here: the Mandarin Oriental's flag ship is in Asia, where massages are a revered crafts.

Here you will learn extraordinary technique such as a Lomi Lomi massages from Hawaii, which is only performed by the spa's most skilled therapist. New Thai massages are aimed at revamped collars in a $300,000 surgery where the wall is lit with genuine leaf gilt and plenty of tropical trek. Come to the spa in time for your session and take in the beautiful view of the most beautiful view of the Aminethyst Room and Tea Lounge at sundown.

80-minute Thai for $305. $895 a nights default room. Situated in the slim glazed towers that dominate New York City's ultra-hip meat-packing area, this underground hideaway is a daytime spa, nighttime loung. Also during the days it smears the line, with reddish highlights, the relaxing lounges (not the kind of spa where you spend all of your days hanging around), and therapy rooms and a evocative nickname: G Spa.

They will be drawn into three rooms made of pink jacquard and ruby jar, which will become home to prominent people (Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson have both been spotted) and large donors. This spa makes the most of its small size, with shiftsu and thai massages on a cushioned doormat and a unique face care in India that can only be found here.

As for a fundamental "hit the spot" full-body hydromassage, my qualified practitioner noted a load in the lefthand leg that could cause a condition - something my normal massager never said - and made proposals for home personal hygiene. Miami -like gardens with padded cabinas and waving tablecloths, lounging room furniture and beautiful folk.

If you are not a famous person, the best way to get into the G-Spa Lounge is to spend the night at the hotels. A" Hits the Spot" treatment costs $130 for 60 mins. Only 32 leagues due down from White Plains. Only 75 leagues north-east of White Plains, the new spa is traditionally outside, but dreamy and contemporary inside, with floor-to-ceiling views of grass-covered, tree-lined open spaces.

An exquisite rock stove in the splendid couple's bedroom gives your side-by-side sauna a shimmer. In addition to the common hotstones rubs, salty glow (a polishing treatment that involves a peeling with salts and oils, showers and lotions ) and soothing baths, you will find the Ultimate Eve Lom Faccial, 90 minute luxurious treatment that contains a soft wax face pack instead of the common vapor, a face rub that also goes between your boobs (but is less classy than it sounds), and camomile dishtowels that are put over your back and your arm.

When you are unsuccessful, ask for a beautician (there are five) as the Connecticut law allows facial treatments to be performed by one. Supper is a cosy fireplace party by chef Chris Eddy, starting with a meal of foamy grass and barbecued peach, roast chicken with whipped millet, stewed salad and sun-dried tomatoes for the entrée and hot chow.

Tailored Vinvian massages cost $130 for 60 min. One Ultimate Eve Lom facial costs $260 for 90 mins. From a whirlpool bath and gum bath to a huge TV in the bright yellow light of the spa lounges, the spa itself is an extensive 31-treatment room area.

If you like imagination (and hydrotherapy) with its massages, theme rooms such as the Zen Bath Suite and Couple's Suite offer an introduction to your own personal enjoyment area. The Jade Stone Faccial is twice as long with cold and hot jade stones as the usual face treatment with a lot of attention for your hand and toes.

Giovanni, a native of Albania and educated in Italy, has worthwhile hand movements for in-depth massages. Jade Stone Facial costs $260 for 100 min; a depth treatment costs $140 for 50 min. A hundred and fifty leagues due to the White Plains. Take a lap in the 35-foot long swimming pools or lounges and take in the view from a large window panel.

For a 60-minute session, the cost of the Swede is $95. 70 leagues north-west of White Plains.

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