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Oak & Oil is an art gallery in the heart of Katonah, NY. Westchester, NY Last autumn, the Neuberger Museum's ongoing collections of works of African artwork were considerably extended by a new installation. The solid Richard Serras Torqued Ellipses range in stainless steels occupies the basement of Dia: Beacon, Riggio Galleries. What about a showroom with 72 Andy Warhol screens in Beacon?

WestchesterCounty and the nearby cities are full of museums, from a statue garden in Mountainville to a modern centre for modern arts in Peekskill.

Children also have a lot to see and do, such as the jellyfishes and shark in the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk or the planet and star in the Andrus Planetarium of the Hudson River Museums in Yonkers. The Guild Hall (the principal showroom of the museum) and two other galleries show temporary exhibits, which range from an exhibit of the museum's ancient subject collections to the show of works on loans by modern-Korean artists.

Don't miss: "Nowhere else in Westchester will you see ripe Katsura with its many stems, heart-shaped lush foliage that turns brilliant golden in autumn, and a gorgeous cute scent," says Lorraine Laken, Hammond's headmistress. Educational training for adults includes paintbrush and teaceremony lessons, while kids can enroll in Origami Holiday Ornaments programmes.

Indulge in your tasty outdoor dining while you sit at a cosy dinner on the blue terrace of the London Musée, fringed by London plane bush. It is open from the middle of April to the middle of November, from Wednesday to Saturday, from 12 to 16 pm. Entrance is $5 for grown-ups, $4 for senior citizens and free for kids under 12 years.

The elaborately crafted piece of art on a life-size motorcycle by Chris Jones is on display until July 27 at the HudsonValleyCenter for Contemporary Art. With views of the Hudson River and the Palisades, this Yonkers musuem unites several attractive sights. Hudson Riverama's 2,500 square meter environment education center shows the varied living spaces of the waterways. The historic Glenview offers the visitor the possibility to see one of the largest samples of a house on the Hudson River from the nineteenth c...

In addition, the school has more than 500 works of art and watercolours acclaimed by Hudson RiverSchool painters Asher B. Durand and Jasper Cropsey, not to speak of world-class collection of works on canvas, historic artefacts, costume, jewellery and up to six temporary exhibits a year. There is something for all ages, from a programme for families on roundabouts and a talk for the elderly at the Domino sugar factory in Yonkers to summer music in the museums programme on Friday evening.

There is no open-air cafe, but you can go to the Yonkers Pier near by and try the locals eateries, among them Peter Kelly's marvellous new X20, rude Zuppa food from Italy or Belle Havana for interesting Cuban-French food. Courses are Wednesday to Sunday, lunch until 5 pm; Friday until 8 pm.

Entrance is $5 for grown-ups, $3 for senior citizens and teenagers from 5 to 16 years and free for kids up to 4 years; free for the whole Friday, 5 to 8 pm. QYI: On Friday night, the Dan Flavin Fluorescence Luminous Figure switches on the museum's fluorescence lighting by illuminating the entrance hall and fanlights in the bright shades of bluish, greens, pink, pinks and yellows.

Hudson Valley Center for Modern Art presents state-of-the-art exhibits of modern artwork in the 12,000 sq. m. illuminated room of a former panelling plant on Peekskill's stak. Dedicated sessions include podium debates with professionals in the area, a Make-A-Zine workshop for children, and a free previews of the latest issue of Art: 21, the award-winning PBS line of fascinating modern-day work.

Opening times are Saturday and Sunday, midday until 6 pm or by arrangement. Entrance is $5 for grown-ups, $4 for senior citizens and teachers and $2 for college or school. The representative exhibition at the Neuberger Kunstmuseum contains over 6,000 works of artwork ranging from an abstracted screen by Mark Rothko to a realistic picture by Edward Hopper.

Thom Collins, director, says the site is the place to see a "snapshot of the best works of the 20th century". There will also be temporary shows of such greats as Chuck Close, April Gornik and Jim Dine as well as aspiring artist Michael Hayden and Sarah Trigg, whose provoking works will be on display in the forthcoming Future Tense exhibition:

Use one of the free gallerycalks (Tuesday to Friday at 1pm, Sunday at 3pm) or eat your dinner at the kind sandwiched-in (Wednesdays at 12pm, once a month). Attract the children on Family First Saturdays with thematic galleries and practical artshops.

Newly renovated, the museum's Café a la cARTe features delicious sanwiches, soup, salads und deserts, or on Anderson Hill Road you can try the Creek, which provides new US food from shrimp pie to rock steaks, or the Cobble Stone, which has great hamburgers and a family-friendly ambience.

Entrance is $5 for grown-ups, $3 for senior citizens and college graduates, free for kids up to 12 years and on the first Saturday of the new year. Fellowship: The 78,000 sq. m. exhibition (with 25,000 sq. m. of galleries ) was created in 1974 by Roy R. Neuberger, a founder and financing man, and was conceived by the world-famous Philip Johnson in a brickwork house that fits neatly into the PurchaseCollege area.

Bruce Museum in Greenwich boasts a varied and varied collections of more than 15,000 items, which form the foundation for its 12 to 14 temporary exhibits each year. The artistic and scientific collections range from Indian fabrics, traditional Indian tobacco jars and scarce mineral items to modern photography and painting by Cos Cobrt Colony, a prestigious group of Impressionists.

This two billion -year-old page of Long Island Sound's long lasting nature story comes to life in the museum's ongoing Environment history galleries. Don't miss: The museum's world-class minerals library, which contains distinctive specimens of beryll, opals, topaz and amethysts and a 1,200 pound Arizonateorite. There will be plenty of presentations on the arts and sciences, free (with entrance to the museum) guided visits by lecturers will take place on Fridays at 12:30 pm, and the museum's sound guided visits will enable you to listen to some of the latest exhibition events on your mobile phone.

From the many high-end stores on Greenwich Avenue near by, you can select from a wide range of first-class dining options, including Abis for Japan, Chola for India, Le Figaro Bistro de Paris for France and even the trendy L'Escale, just a two-minute stroll from the school.

The opening times of the school are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 to 5 pm; Sunday, 1 to 5 pm. Entrance is $7 for grown-ups, $6 for senior citizens and college and is free for kids under 5 years. On the last Saturday of the following months at 1 p.m. Dia:Beacon will offer free galleries lectures and presents top-class culture performances, among them performances of the St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble.

Or head down to Beacon city centre, overcrowded with great dining and fashionable galleries and shops. Opening hours: Thursday to Monday, 11am to 6pm, mid-April to mid-October; Friday to Monday, 11am to 4pm, mid-October to mid-April. Entrance is $10 for grown-ups, $7 for college and senior citizens and is free for kids under 12 years.

For your information, Dia:Beacon is located at 31 acre on the shores of the Hudson River. Together with the US painter Robert Irwin (who also created the GettyCenterGarden), the concept for the exterior of the building was developed. Rely on the Aldrich Musuem to keep things alive with a constantly shifting array of works.

The 34 long-term expositions of the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk focus on the Long Island Sound and show more than 1,200 sea-life. It also has temporary displays, such as the Ancient Sea Monsters and Adventure Under the Sea (with living creatures that have been influenced by the SpongeBob cartoon). Both of the museum's contact pools allow you to stroke a sting ray or even touching a horse-shoe crayfish.

Don't miss: Join Suzie, Polly, Tillie, Orange and Ariel at 11:45, 13:45 and 15:45 at the museum's everyday seals feeding sessions. Cascade Café provides a variety of traditional dishes including salad, pizzas, sandwiches and sustainable shellfish (but of course). Or you can take a picknick and have dinner at the nearby table in nearby Oyster Shell Park on Norwalk River or in the lively SoNo (South Norwalk) neighbourhood right in front of the school.

Entrance fee (aquarium only) is $11 for grown-ups, $10 for senior citizens and $9 for 2-12 year olds. It' like a V.I.P. ticket to the fisharium - you can eat the sting rays and see some of the otherwise confined areas of the park, even the top of the sharkspool! SteppingStones' award-winning children's stepping stones museums offers more than 100 practical and fun experiences for all under 10s (and their parents).

"It' fun is guaranteed," says Carol Brennan-Smith, head of communication and promotion at the school. "If you call it play, call it learn - for a child it's the same thing. "In shows like Healthyville, at W-BOD TV studios, youngsters can watch TV "live" from inside the human organism, or they can go to the Good Foods Market to buy food and search toys for nutrition information (apples good; doughnuts bad!).

At the open-air bubble exhibition (only in summer) kids can produce and even place themselves in giant blisters. FROGY, MAISY, BISCUCE and WINNIE THE POOH are just a few of the fairy tale figures who come to see the highly acclaimed Museum's Family Fun Nights, which take place once a months on Friday nights.

If it' s a beautiful outing, you can have your own luncheon and relax at the museum's Celebration Courtyard with picknick desks and seats. Entrance is $9 per adult, $7 for adult over 62 years and free for kids under one year. AYI: For the youngest kids, Toddler Terrain is a cosy oasis for the youngest discoverers of the school.

Kids under three can move around free, glide down the small chute, climb into the blockhouse, play with dolls and do handicrafts. The Storm KingArtCenter is the world's premier statue garden with more than 100 masterpieces of art, today and tomorrow, located on its 500 hectares of area. Among the statues are Alexander Calder's The Arch, a 50-foot, 50-foot, black, biomorph, stable and the museum's latest purchase, Mark di Suvero's Mahatma, which climbs 21 feet and is surmounted by a V-shaped support made of blown in the breeze.

There are also temporary exhibits on the premises and inside the castle, a Normandy-style castle from 1935. Storm King is called "a wall-less museum" by director and curator David R. Collens.

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