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Item Details: Architect with 3-5 years of professionalism. AutoCAD 2015 knowledge is required. Knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, MS Excel and Acrobat Professional is preferable. Candidates must have knowledge of planning, knowledge of structural engineering, expertise in the preparation of planning documentation and expertise in the field of overall property development, as well as expertise in managing projects, which includes site admin.

Featuring competitively-priced salaries and services such as health insurance, 401K, TransitChek and remunerated leave, all in a welcoming, inspiring working atmosphere in a wonderful location on the Hudson River, 40 min from GCS.

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White Plains, July 10 - The State Court of Appeals, in a ruling much anticipated by many communities, has confirmed Westchester County's right to substitute civil servants by outsourcing work to a privately owned company: According to law enforcement officers in the district and some local government officers, the ruling may be a "green light" for the use of outsourcing work to cut costs.

Urban authorities said that while the practices were not new, they became more common in the face of increasing cost and electoral discontent after the recent round of California's 13 proposal, demanding decreased wealth tax. On the Westchester case, nine standing watchdogs were sacked from the County Medical Center in Valhalla on December 31, 1976 to be replaces by securitarian personnel from a privately owned firm.

Her duties were somewhat different, but the appellate court, the highest in the state, decided that it did not play a role. Last Thursday's verdict, confirming a judgment of the Appeals Department of the Second Department, states that the new staff were not under the control of the district/government.

This verdict confirmed a 27-year sentence. Jonathan Lovett, MP for Westchester County lawyer, who was arguing the case on appeal, said he had been receiving phone calls from city and local law enforcement officers in New York City, Albania, counties such as Rockland and towns including Pelham. l. On the Westchester case, Justice Leonard Rubenfeld of the State Supreme Court in White Plains supported the Guardians and their trade unions and ruled that the agreement with the privately-owned Effective Security Inc. infringed the state constitution, obliging the community to lead its state.

However, the guardians' claim that the new agreement "concealed an employer-employee relation between the district and the employees" of the privately-owned enterprise was dismissed by the appeals department last July. An agreement on the supply of public service by the business community to the state may be contested for reasons of constitutionality "only if the staff of the privately owned state is not sovereign, but under the control and supervision of civil servants," the tribunal held.

New York Town Council lawyer Howard Katz said the town had quoted the Westchester case in a motion to appoint some guardianship to some 20 of the city's 950 colleges. Mr Katz said that the Supreme Constitutional Court in Brooklyn had decided in favour of the Association of Civil Servants and that a decision by the Appeals Division is soon foreseen.

City and State Comptrollers suggested awarding contracts as a cost-saving move, he said. "Some believe it is the shaft of the future," he said, and added that its immediate effect in New York City would probably be "minimal," probably because of policy-making. Westchester judgement, he said, "is likely to clear the way" for some communities that were uncertain about the further validity of the 1951 slam.

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