West Valley College Portal

The West Valley College Portal

College Web Services is used by students, staff, and faculty for the following purposes: Log in with your college ID number. The West Valley College is a community college in Northern California. When you think about visiting West Valley, you have to.

What is new? Please examine it out!

This Thursday, 6 p.m. Take a look at the autumn course timetable or use the timetable which can be searched on line. All of our student support services are available throughout the entire university to help you complete your studies successfully. We' d like to know from the local authority what your priority is for our university area.

West Valley - Mission Community College District

A portal ID for the new portal has been allocated to the student. Logon with the portal ID will soon supersede logon to other portals. To find your portal ID, use the following URL and then log on to the Student Portal. If you have successfully registered with Office 365, you have already used your portal ID and are ready to go.

Staff use the e-mail logon ID/password with the ID extension as shown below. Hint: At the first logon you will be asked to specify the option for recovering your passwords. Try your username below.

Students portal | West Valley

Go to the student portal: Specify the portal ID found in steps 1. Please insert your passwort. OrgSync is still associated with this user if you used OrgSync before April 2018. You may, however, need to recover your passwords. You may need to modify your passwords, click on the below mentioned links for instructions.

Your passwort doesn't work? The next step is to establish secure procedures for recovering passwords. The PhoneThis must be a telephone that can accept text. This cannot be your work e-mail address. SecurityQuestionsFor this item, select 3 predefined quizzes.

After completing the security questions, you will be taken to the Student Portal. As soon as you have arrived at the student portal, you are there! Discover Office 365 and your new e-mail address. You will also find that we have placed several shortcuts within the Student Portal so that it can act as the home page.

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