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City of olive trees

Embedded in the Catskill Mountains of the State of New York are 40,000 hectares, which are called the Town of Olive. According to theories, in 1824 it was called after the Bible history of the pigeon that returned to Noah's Arch with an olive twig. Boiceville, Olivebridge, Samsonville, Krumville, Shokan, West Shokan and Ashokan are the coastal villages.

Enactment of the 1905 Act resulted in the construction of the handcrafted Ashokan Dam at Esopus Creek and, after its construction in 1916, the creation of the Ashokan Reservoir, a primary reservoir for the city' s biggest landholder, New York-Olive. Uncontaminated, safe potable drinking needs for New York City residents have transformed the course of the Town of Olive's story and continue to affect daily lives.

Most of the town centre and the inhabitants of the town were driven out of the wealthy Esopus valley and moved to the near extensions. Land use legislation, which could serve as a role models for the remainder of the nation, came into force in May 1997 when a Memorandum of Agreement between Watershed Towns and the City of New York was concluded to ensure the conservation of Watershed throughout New York City Watershed.

Located just two hrs northerly of New York City and entirely in Catskill State Park, Olive was a seasonally resort for New Yorkers. When the Catskill Wood Reserve was founded in 1885, the main branches of industry that once devastated the olive groves - logging, tanning and woodworking - disappeared, preserving the reserve forever as a woodland in the state.

Today's Olive is first and foremost a housing estate with a high proportion of season dwellers and a small number of backyards with victorian orchards. On 8 November at 19.00 at the Town Hall, the public hearing on the estimates for 2019 will take place. On the first page of the General Budgets there is a break-down of the General Fund, the Highway Fund, the Olive Free Library, the Fire District and the Onteora Lighting District.

Well, we are hoping to see you at the public hearing on November 8.

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