West Palm Beach Wedding Venues

East Palm Beach Wedding Venue

at Royal Palm Events in Madison Green. Palm Beach Airport Conf Ctr. Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa. The Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach Palm Beach. Ocean Resort & Spa Palm Beach.

1. Addison Boca Raton

It is famous for its beautiful beach marriages. Yet many people are looking for a wedding location as special as she is. Fortunately, Palm Beach is full of some fantastic and exceptional wedding varieties - so many that it will be difficult for you to decide where you want to hold your wedding.

View our alphabetically sorted listing of some of our wedding locations. Addison is a consummate mix of fine architectural and historical beauty. Created by the famous 1926 Addison Mizner, this extraordinary location provides an insight into Old World Florida and the glittering 1920s. You can' t get enough of the wonderful wrought-iron candlesticks and the nice wooden work in the central hall!

Meals: Our own exclusive (and delicious) caterers. You' re getting a home run at the Ball Park of the Palm Beaches! Formally or casually, as well as for gourmets or ballparks, the personnel here can help you to get all the base coverage. Keeping your events aside here will give you unparalleled photographic possibilities and make your visitors an unforgettable one.

Meals: Our own exclusive caterer. Unparalleled photos of the entire city. The Boca Raton Museum of Arts is the right place for your wedding if you are an artist and want to present great works to your wedding party. Meals: There are open refreshment facilities. So, you enjoy the sea, but not the thought of your beautiful gown running through the sands?

Jump over the beach and jump on a boat for your "I Do's". "Delray Yachtcruises is offering personal charter along the Intracoastal for your wedding. You will be welcomed with style, suppleness and beauty as you cruise your boat to the end of your days. Meals: Special onboard meal. HER WEDDING IS ON A BOAT!

The Flagler Museum's size cannot be exactly described in words, but when we say it's the ideal place for a glamourous soirée, please rely on us. Flagler Museum is the former home of Henry Flagler, who has put his name on the menu thanks to his Palm Beach rail system.

Meals: Extensive but excluding cateringlist. You will find most of them on our caterers page. Visitors can discover certain parts of the building during our cocktails and the pavilion accommodates Henry Flagler's own motor coaches for the group. Harriet Himmel Theatre is a distinctive wedding location with its large entrance stairs, the stunning walls of candles and the wonderful wood throughout the room.

Located in the centre of CityPlace in the centre of West Palm Beach, it is a unique place. Meals: An exclusive in-house caterer that never lets you down. With its 5-star services and impeccable facilities for marriages of all shapes and dimensions, the International Polo Club is the embodiment of relaxing sophistication. Meals: Our own exclusive caterer.

Being a functioning arena, marriages can only take place out of seasons, but it is definitely a good idea to do so. Would you like the most unforgettable event location in the city? It' s really different from any other place in Palm Beach, with cascaded falls, bamboo-lined paths and scenic footpaths and footbridges in Japan. Meals: Our own exclusive caterer. Ever thought of having an exquisite courtyard wedding, but didn't have the room in your own one?

This wonderful Key West styled chalet with a scenic changing porch opens onto a spacious sunbathing area, ideal for an open-air wedding. I Do" under a sky of blues and shaky palm groves. Meals: Our own exclusive caterer. During cocktails your customers can stimulate their appetites with a delicious dinner.

You can be "queen" of your wedding with this one of a kind place. Meals: There are open refreshment facilities. Situated in the centre of Delray Beach, your visitors don't have to go far to reach the beach, the hotel, restaurants or the arts-galeries. Palm Beach Zoo may not be your first thought for a wedding location, but oh boy, it should make the it!

Visitors can discover parts of the park from the ceremonies to the cocktails and receptions. Stroll the wilderness with a wedding at Palm Beach Tier. Meals: Our own exclusive caterer. Wilber the Sloth and other inhabitants of the wildlife park can be met by your visitors during cocktails.

Ragtop's Palm Beach is Americana's finest. Ancient automobiles and old souvenirs are exhibited around the room and transport your visitors back in history while they spend the nights. It' a place for a wedding with vibrant colours and vivid soundtrack! Meals: There are open refreshment facilities. Because of the architectural splendour of the house and the capacity to turn the interior into anything you want, it is a place to explore.

Meals: There are open refreshment facilities. Breathtaking patio and an interior area that is the ideal "empty canvas". Its pavilions and landscaped gardens provide excellent photographic locations, while the in-house cooks will conjure up the ideal food for your patrons. In order to really get the feeling of being carried for your wedding, you can even spend the night in one of their local cabins, making the transport to your wedding a stroll in the park....uh...garden.

Meals: Our own exclusive caterer. One hectare of tropic garden, ideal for photography. Meals: There are open refreshment facilities. Situated in the center of West Palm Beach, your visitors don't have to go far to get a good night's rest, eat and have their time. It is fortunate that Palm Beach has so many wedding locations! To find your ideal spot, have a look at our complete Palm Beach Wedding Venues listing.

With the help of a gifted Palm Beach Wedding Planner, you can even make your venue look special!

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