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Exquisite wedding ceremony and reception in Troutdale, Oregon, Riverview Restaurant offers an exclusive experience for your wedding. The Victorian Grand Ballroom in downtown Portland offers the perfect setting for weddings and/or receptions with affordable all-in packages. This is a list of venues in Portland, Oregon. It is a beautiful place for an unforgettable event! Oregon Portland Event Room & Wedding Location.

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Are you looking for the ideal, one-of-a-kind wedding site that you will remember all your time? We offer you and your loved ones the ideal framework for your wedding celebration outdoors! Select your own wedding place from three different areas, all of which offer a stunning and scenic backdrop.

Being in a gorge 20 leagues from Portland, you will find yourself in an enchanting land that belongs to you. Every area is very large and each one contains 80 seats and 10 mobile desks (with bed linen), and since the desks have 10 seats with 80 seats each and 10 desks, you already have a kitchen and receiving area.

Each area has a very beautiful roofed area that can accommodate at least 130 persons, with a dancing area, electricity, hot and cold running, BBQ, built-in buffets, a gazebo and changing area and very beautiful flagged toilets. When your wedding needs more desks and seats, this can simply be organised, as our smallest area can accommodate at least 300 persons!

All of this is only $3,050 on Friday and Saturday, $2,900 on Sunday! For your comfort we also open Thursdays after 4 pm for free rehearsal, and for those who have a wedding date on Friday, you can begin on Thursday, half a full days for free!

The majority of wedding ceremonies and receptions are only rented for a few lessons, but not here. Remember that your wedding anniversary is one of the most important and significant dates in your whole lifetime, so here it is your wedding anniversary and not your wedding time. So, if you book an area at Horning's Hideout for your wedding, it's yours for the whole rental period, from 11am to 10am the next to you!

We' ve performed many marriages, so if you have any extra needs, we can be a very useful asset to help you with your scheduling. Enjoy the unforgettable moments of Horning's Hideout, so that you, your families and your boyfriends can enjoy the whole wedding anniversary, create souvenirs, decorate the area to your taste, enjoy relaxing strolls along our wooded paths, canoe trips and enjoy the beauties of our wooded canyons!

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