Wedding Venues on the Hudson River Ny

Honeymoon on Hudson River Ny

Find local wedding locations and receptions in Hudson Valley, NY. Grandview Wedding ~ Poughkeepsie Hudson River Photography. Patio with unrivalled panoramic views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. An Relaxed Garden Wedding in Hudson Valley, New York. The Hudson River Cruises offers a unique wedding venue in Albany New York.

Albany is a unique location for weddings

"I would like to take this occasion to introduce you to the luxury dining vessel, Captain JP III. In our well-equipped kitchen we serve a large number of starters and a la carte meals, all of which are cooked by our cooks. There is also fun, open air drinks, and a large choice of weddingscauses.

In order to calculate the costs of your personal yacht charters, please note the following minimal warranties as well as the packages 1 - 3. When chartering privately, you must choose either the Sit-Down Dinner, Buffet or Heavy Oeuvres packages - any drinks or a la card would be in excess of this one.

Kits includes your food choices, a DJ, a three-hour tour plus 30 min. board-board, tips and your preferred colour of serviettes (not supplied with the starter pack). In addition 8% will be added to all NYS-tariffs. Captain J.P. demands that you fulfil the minimal warranty conditions to rent the vessel for private use or to rent a private area.

Pack 1: Pack 2: Pack 3: Pack 2 plus: Pack 4: Pack 3 plus: Marriage Packages: potaoo options: Bread, double fried, pureed with sauce, fried rotbraten, klein, ganz weiß oder überbacken. potaoo options: roasted normally, twice fried, pureed with sauce, fried rotbraten, small, whole weiß or topped. Big delicate Scallop mussels wound in thin slices of lard and fried until gold-coloured.

A mixture of cheese, fried and cut into small finger-sized cubes. France loaf with tasty sauces.

Historic Hudson Valley Wedding & Events Locations

Historical Hudson Valley weddings and events locations. Turquoise Barn is a green, environmentally sound marriage and events centre in the Catskill Mountain area. Tin Ballroom is a historical meeting room where new experiences are made in an original nineteenth c. privately owned room in the historical Hudson, NY.

This was once an elegance designed by a privately owned architect and turned into an US version of a Venice palace. At Historic Boscobel combines a breathtaking Parliament building, a Romanesque tree-lined entrance, the brickwork trails through the graceful rose garden, the beautiful west meadow and the beautiful front garden with its breathtaking view.

Nipmoose's historic barns (Scottish Barn, Deutsche Scheune and Crib) are exceptional specimens of early wooden frame constructions. Murray's Tivoli Café is a neighbourhood café that serves breakfasts and lunches with the bounties of the Hüdson River Basin. Throughout Clermont State Historic Site, marriages are offered at wonderful outside venues on the Livingston property for marriages or other occasion.

Mount Gulian is an 1800s Dutch colonial house with a magnificent, large historical hayloft, hidden on 44 hectares with views of the Hudson River. In the Catskill Mountains on the bank of the West Branch of the Delaware River, Maple Shade Farms Weddings serves barns and farming marriages.

The Historical Association Austerlitz provides a complete calendars of activities, a monthly newsletters and a constantly expanding website for museums throughout the year. Location Grove is an memorable historical backdrop for marriages, with edifices and landscaped grounds with views of the Hudson River. The Crested Hen Farm in High Falls NY is the perfect place for a country-style and organically, yet demanding and stylish marriage or celebration.

You can enjoy villa, barnyard and tented marriages at a historical location in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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