Wedding Venues in Tampa Fl

Tampa Fl wedding venues

The Straz Centre for Performing Arts. Ambassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Downtown Convention Center. A glamorous wedding variety in Tampa Bay. Lighthouse Tampa Bay Watch, Tierra Verde. Sailing Center, Clearwater Community Sailing Center, Clearwater.

Glamourous wedding locations in Tampa Bay

St. Pete/Clearwater area is full of places for a wonderful wedding and welcome. Vow exchange at a sandy beaches of sweetened water is only the beginning of the romance that a wedding in St. Petersburg/Clearwater can offer. Party in the statue gardens of an art gallery with a view of Tampa Bay or in a tropic heaven with a view of the sunset from the top of a Gulf of Mexico beacon.

Unique venues on the waters offer exceptional experiences with sailboat, dolphin and sunset overlooks. Tampa Bay Watch beacon offers scenic glimpses of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. A further possibility: a summer party by the waterside. The room-high window with a view of Tampa Bay is only the beginning of the discussion at the St. Petersburg Historical Museum.

Another great place to share your visions is a quiet backyard behind the school. The Carlisle Room and veranda at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center offer stunning vistas of Clearwater Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway, ideal for sunrises and sunsets. As many as 180 visitors can admire the view of sailing past ships and dancin' candles.

Situated in St. Pete/Clearwater, the lively art world is your screen for a unique and demanding wedding party. From a two-storey waterfront music academy, Spanish-style backyards, a beloved front lawn and the opportunity to host events everything from private gatherings to soirées for up to 350 guests, it's no wonder that the Museum of Fine Art has been voted Martha Stewart's best wedding venue in Florida.

There is a winter garden and adjacent patio with fascinating view of Tampa Bay, and stylish indoor landscaped garden with sculpture, pillars and vault. Visitors will also be able to admire the fine arts gallery and the magnificent bana tree scenery near the entry to the museums. The old is new again in a historical house that has been turned into a fashionable wedding location.

Modern artwork on brickwork wall provides a stylish and cosy ambience, whether you are looking for an elegant 80-person meal or sumptuous 800-person cocktail. Another great backdrop is a bamboo-lined outbuilding. The Kapok Special Events Center & Garden, a unique wedding location indoors and outdoors, is given the size of the Old World by means of a series of sculptures and antique crystals.

An immersed wedding location provides for charming pictures. There is a central corridor with a breathtaking central rug for wedding ceremony, and the chapel's benches can be moved out to hold interior dinners for up to 130 people. Colourful backyards around the band with a spalier covering in magenta and a nursery area. It is roomy enough for large weddings of 250 to 2,000 people, but ten privately owned niches provide privacy next to the dancing area.

It is one of two St. Petersburg's historic venues - the second is the Sunken Gardens. Constructed in 1928, this was described as a frozen rose wedding tart on a sugar-white sandstrand - St. Pete Beaches, which was chosen TripAdvisor's No. 3 Beaches in the USA for 2017.

This eight-storey residence accommodates more than 300 marriages per year for only two persons or up to 250 persons. According to your personal taste, you can either enjoy a relaxed wedding on the shore or an elaborate ball-room even. Located next to Winoy Park on the waterfront of Tampa Bay, the Winoy offers a view of the city.

Marriages take place in several ball rooms and in an open-air tea garden. Located on the banks of Clearwater Beach, which regularly ends up among the five best TripAdvisor beach in the USA, finishing first in 2016 and first in 2017 together with USA Today's "Best Beach Town in Florida" in 2013, the Sandpearl radiates cleverness and sophistication bar-footed.

Exchanging your visions in grand ball-rooms, stylish meeting rooms, on the quiet swimming poolside meadow or in a place with a view of the Gulf of Mexico.

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