Wedding Venues in Sullivan County Ny

Honeymoon in Sullivan County Ny

Ardmore Manor in MountainView Manor. Great Barn / Farm / Ranch Wedding Venues in Sullivan County, NY. Honeymoon location near Monticello, NY. Locate and contact local wedding locations in Monticello, NY with prices, packages and availability for your wedding ceremony and reception. The farm offers ingredients for our city restaurants and is a breathtaking venue for events and weddings.

The Sullivan County Barn / Farmhouse

Barns / Farm / Ranch wedding venues in..... BRIGHTO THERE, up the latest breakup reviews to your weekly e-mail asinbox. Locate where you can hold dinners, birthdays, weddings as well as corporate functions. We' re reporting on the best locations in the country, new locations so you can be the first to have a great time there.

THANKS! hotels, restaurants, tepees, houses, barns, estates, villas, sand castles, etc. already have an accounts? our journalists are always looking for exceptional venues... just fill in the information and our curators will check your location... we look forward to hearing more about your area! You' re so near.....

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Memticello Wedding Venues - Ratings for venues

A 3,800 seq. Yogic, Arts and Spa Centre. Only 90 northeast of Manhattan (9 mile from New Paltz, NY, 4 mile from the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Centre and 1.7 mile from Gardiner, NY. Homeland of the Gunks (short for Shawangunks) - one of the best climbs in the state.

The 3,800 square meter complex has two Yogastudios, an arts centre, two galleys, two bathrooms und a showers - with many accommodation possibilities in the vicinity. Situated in the mid-Hudson Valley with a view of Shawangunk Ridge, the visitor can discover Mohonk Preserve or Minnewaska, discover Gardiner dining, vineyards and stills, go to see some of the area' s best vineyards and stills, and go shopping in the city centre of New Paltz, NY.

Envision a week-end in a magnificent nature with lovely dining, enchanting shops, stunning scenery and a friendly and cosy atmoshere. We' re working with some of the best local catering companies who can offer you everything you need: marquees, desks and lights, bed linen, crockery, dancing floors, bathrooms, meals, liquor, bartenders, waiters, wedding cakes, DJs and much more.

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