Wedding Venues in Montgomery County pa

Montgomery County wedding venues pa

Honeymoon location near Montgomeryville, PA. That mansion in Prophecy Creek Park. The Old York Road Country Club. Montgomery County Management Historic Locations. The Celebration Wedding Package offers premium elegance unmatched in Montgomery County, PA.

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Free wedding concierges can link you to salespeople and venues in and around Montgomery County to help you schedule your big week-end. Simply complete the following contact information to get your personal account. The 4-digit sequence shown in the field above is required.

The Montgomery County Wedding Venue | Reception & Banquet Hall Montgomery County, PA

Celebrating has something to show for it. Celebrate your wedding at the Wedding Facility, Montgomery County's top wedding location and banqueting room. Our wedding pack offers premium style, unsurpassed in Montgomery County, PA. You and your wedding will be staged in a professional way and you and your wedding partners will long recall it!

Your wedding will be professionally and personally planned with extraordinary presentation, culinary meals and award-winning services, which is the trademark of Celebrations. We offer both indoors and outdoors wedding venues and can respond to the seasons and your special needs. You' ll find that our excellent environment and our stylish services are the ideal wedding companion that you and your guests will always fondly recall.

Please feel free to call us today for further information. Look at what past customers have said: "Celebrations Wedding Facility is excellent and I commend it to anyone who wants the wedding of their dream to be perfect". To see how you can cut down on your party expenses, click here. Montco County is a county in Pennsylvania.

From the 2010 federal government survey, it was the third largest county in Pennsylvania, after Philadelphia and Allegheny County. Norristown is the county town. The Montgomery County is very varied and ranges from farmhouses and open spaces to heavily trafficked terraced roads. This county was founded on September 10, 1784 from a property that initially belonged to the district of Philadelphia.

Montgomery County Wedding Place

Enjoy unrivalled services and excellent cuisine. You will find a wonderfully furnished but roomy farm house in stone from the eighteenth c. with comforts of the twenty-first c... We have a personal and exclusive venue for stunning wedding celebrations and receipts. The rooms are the right place for rehearsal, retirements, anniversaries, showering or any occasion that merits a special celebtion.

Our events planners will lead you through the coordination of your particular daily. Enjoy unrivalled dining services and excellent dining for your events or wedding in this 1800s stone-built charm home in the centre of Montgomery County. Both you and your patrons can sipping a characteristic drink on the porch while enjoying stunning vistas of the unspoilt garden and the rolling green of the Commonwealth National Golf Club.

With our events planning specialists, you can coordinate your particular date so you can take every move from date picking to the last wedding afternoons. All your moods are taken care of by our catering personnel, taking into account all nutritional constraints. Manor House at Commonwealth is a breathtaking wedding location in Horsham, PA; Manor House is just a brief ride from Bucks County or Center City Philadelphia and offers many hotels in the area.

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