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Boat Charter Infinity and Ovation. Only six miles from downtown Ann Arbor, this picturesque place offers a rare piece of picturesque bliss for any couple who wants to say: "I know it. No matter what type of venue you're looking for, we have you covered with our top ten wedding locations in Michigan. It was my wedding here in October and it couldn't have been more perfect! This barn is absolutely breathtaking!

Best Wedding Locations in Michigan

No matter what type of location you're looking for, we've put together some of the best wedding venues Michigan has to boast of. Comfortable to grand, angular to traditional, your ideal place is waiting for you. Take a look and you will soon find the place that suits you as a pair and will give your guest a souvenir for the whole family.

Once above the summit, head to the Amway Gran Plaza Accommodation in Gran Rapids. This historical and glamourous establishment is the perfect place to plan your interior welcome. You' ll look like the beauty of the dance floor as you walk down the great stairs and visit the Victorian-looking, two-level imperial ballroom, which offers a stunning wedding venue and can accommodate up to 150 people.

Be it a majestic celebration in the King's Great Hall or a celebration in the Queen's magnificent patio, your days will be royal. With a selection of five exceptional locations overlooking the well-maintained garden and yards, your fairytale fantasies come to life.

Dive into a luxury story at The Dearborn inn, A Marriott Hotell. Constructed in 1931 by Henry Ford, this historical colonial-style establishment takes you and your patrons back in time. On an area of 23 hectares, this event location offers a magnificent framework that is upgraded with the charms of an US inns.

This is one of the best privately owned nightclubs in the state, and this one-of-a-kind place will amaze and inspire your visitors. Featuring its own bowl court and roof entrance with a wonderful view of Detroit city centre, this Detroit story will thrill your patron. Add to this the view of the river and the glowing Detroit sky as a setting for a full moon of art and breathtaking interior decor.

Dramatically enhance your wedding anniversary by getting remarried on set. Avaliable at the Century or Gem Theatre, there is a turn and a delicacy for your patrons, whether they like art or not. With a capacity of up to 200 people, the Century is ideal for private parties, while the Gem Theatre can accommodate up to 450 people for a true play.

A luxurious shopkeeper' s establishment and gulf place is the ideal place to get away from the commotion. With a breathtaking two-storey atrium and a large ball room with room for up to 450 people, the striking frame provides all the amenities of a large establishment, but in an informal atmosphere.

In addition to exchanging Tudor-style swears in the villa, you can also take your pledges in the Pegasus Garden, ideal for all-year-olds. You will not be dissapointed by vintage-inspired parties, fairytale marriages or even stylish reception in the beautiful ball room. Treat yourself to unadulterated luxuries in this British stately home and take nature into your home while you party your whole life in the two-story Royal Park Hotel in Rochester.

With up to 200 people for a wedding and 90 for a welcome, the winter garden is ideal for your private event. The Royal Grand Ballroom, which seats up to 650 people, will feature stylish Murano chandelier ceiling and an interior design in Italy's finest marmor.

Situated in the middle of fashionable Birmingham and just a few minutes from downtown Detroit, The Townsend is a challenging yet European-style fashion house. Treat your patrons to a glamourous drink in the Townsend Ballroom Foyer with a magnificent night of up to 320 people.

Now, you have chosen your location, let's discuss entertain!

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