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Stylish events on the Hudson River. Garrison is the best wedding location in New York. Historic Thayer Hotel has been one of the leading wedding locations in the Hudson Valley for generations. ("IACC") our property offers unique event experiences, from iconic weddings to VIP retreats. " The Hudson Valley's Premier Catering Experience.


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Here is a nice framework for your Hudson Valley wedding or events. Join us and see why we are one of the Hudson Valley's favorite wedding locations. Take a stroll and begin to dream how you can make your unforgettable experience. The area offers a lot of private space and easy entrance to our lakes.

Everyone will have a great experience with paddleboating and playing Beachvolleyball. The tranquillity of our lakes, our quaint apple orchards and our farm - you will surely make memorabilia that last a life-long. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and begin to plan your events today!

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Below are some of our favourite places, although we are always looking for new places in the Hudson Valley, the five districts of New York, from Connecticut to the Berkshires and beyond. No matter what you imagine, we will find the ideal venue for your events together with you. The Cedar Ridge is in Garrison, just over an hours drive from New York City, with gentle meadows, views, an unspoilt brook and old rockface.

This is the right place if you want to rebuild your events from scratch. The Cedar Ridge Farm is available from May to October and can accomodate up to 500 persons for one meeting. This famous statue garden is ideal for a company excursion, both indoors and out.

Enjoy a gorgeous sculpture on the patio with stunning view not only of their world-famous collections but also of the Hudson Highlands. The Pantry provides an ideal setting for a trial meal, a smaller wedding celebration or an casual get-together - with nine draught food tapping facilities and over 300 different ciders.

One of Manhattan's most famous venues is the impressive former Ansche-Chesed Synagogue (1849), run and run by the Angel Orensanz Foundation - and for good reasons. Its grandiose scenery with its dome ceiling and unbelievable architectonic details forms a magical scenery for a wedding, a supper or a bar.

The room is available all year round and can seat up to 200-300 persons. There is a beautiful lakeside viewing area for up to 100 persons, 12 suite and accommodation rooms, a large number of open-air ceremonial and events venues, and a 250-seat dining dances room-pavillon. There is more than enough room for parties and music.

An ancient Catskill Mountains rebuilt hay loft with stunning view of the mountains and dam. There is also a 3 bedroom B&B and bride's room in the peaceful countryside. Stonepavilion and spacious lawns with spectacular vistas make this place an unforgettable experience! Hudson Basilica is a renovated 19 th cent. building that has been transformed into an arts and performanci.

Just a few paces from Hudson Amtrak Station, on the banks of the historic city of Hudson, NY. The distinctive cityscape of the Hudson Basilica makes it a truly spectacular place for wedding and other festivities, surrounded by the Hudson River School's icons and overlooking the Catskill Mountains. This room is ideal for any wedding of 75-300 persons, but can also host up to 1000 persons for particular occasions.

Glockenturm in the historical Rosendale is a cosy and inviting room that opens the heart and mind for communicating, enjoying good companionship and eating, dancing and celebrating. Located in a cheerful Hudson Valley city, just 90 min from NYC, this wine tasting wine location has a touch of light sophistication.

At Rosendale we offer great pre and post events fun with a shop-restaurant, restaurant, life-audio, self-contained cinema, stores, natural walks and historical places right on your doorstep. Belltower can accommodate up to 120 people. Overlooking the Hudson River and West Point, Boscobel's federal-styled villa and immaculate landscaped garden and complexes, including a round rosary and fountains, offer a breathtaking setting about an hours drive from New York City.

Boscobel can seat 100 to 800 people and has two campsites, both with magnificent outlooks. It has ample spaces and unparalleled architectural design suitable for events of all shapes and dimensions. The Crested Henne Farms provides the place for a rural and organically, yet refined and stylish wedding or other particular occasion.

It' only 90 min by road or coach just off New York City at the bottom of Mohonk Mountain on the shores of Rondout Creek. Built around 1830, the English-Dutch stable was meticulously remodeled, resulting in a 3,000 sq. m. conference room with rising ceiling carried by large, hand-carved logs that are characteristic of the room.

Croton Point is a five hundred hectare large landscaped grounds in Croton-On-Hudson, New York, offering plenty of room for a variety of activities, from a relaxed wedding to a corporate pick nick. Nice and inexpensive, the reserve's seating for 150 people. This page is recommended for meetings from May to October. Up to 300 people can be accommodated in the shed.

Outside the bunker (which can be used for smaller events or cocktails ) there is space for a marquee that can accommodate up to 600 people. Featuring apples, peaches and oranges, this is a beautiful place for an open-air wedding, a works celebration or a barbecue. The views of the orchard and Hudson Valley offer rustic charms ninety-minute drive from New York City.

It is available from May to the beginning of September. The Glynwood villa in Cold Spring, New York provides a uniquely diverse range of accommodation. When you are looking for rural charms, you can decide for an open-air camp site on the plot. You can use the old farm or even the barns, according to the time of year.

Their site tax helps Glynwood's work to make sure that the Hudson Valley is a prosperous agricultural area. Accommodation is on site and the premises are open all year round. Italinate Mansion in the 1850s in the Rhine basin of the Hudson Valley. It is only a few minutes walk from the village of Tivoli and provides a one-of-a-kind mix of accommodation, an excellent venue for indoors and out.

Ideal for a trial meal or a small meeting! On an area of 300 hectares there is a small pond, a water fall, fruit gardens and a place to camp even for very large meetings. Situated in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Situated on a hillside along the Hudson River, Lambs Hill offers views from Mount Beacon to the Catskills.

There is a stony and brickwork shed ( "home" of two Island ponies and two miniaturesels) commemorating an old annex to a beautiful turn of the millennium Hudson Valley mines. Classical farmhouse, which has a beautiful landscape. The Highland, NY location can host large and small functions.

On the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, New York, this ancient home can seat up to 150 people in the Visitor Centre with its artisan dinning room and ballgam. Locust Grove is open all year round and has a delightful old site (with a professionally equipped cuisine and a dressing room) for a celebration of all sizes.

Monteverde in Oldstone is the ideal backdrop for a wedding: unbelievable view of the Hudson River, rolled lawn, a 100-year-old vine arbour, a curved rock stairs, a stony outside terrace.... all surrounded by a wonderful historical townhouse. The Monteverde estate provides diverse areas and outlooks, each with its own atmosphere and character, offering pairs a screen to design their own wedding.

Mount Gulian lies on an area of 44 hectares with a view of the Hudson River and is an eighteenth c. holland colonial house with a large historical shed, a grassland and a historical gardens. Throughout the year, the foyer can seat 50 people. From May to October, the Dutch-style shed from 1740 can seat up to 150 people.

As an open and versatile function room, the dining room offers room for 100 (sitting at tables) to 220 (in auditoria style) and has a relaxed outside terrace in the year. It is a historical mill that has been transformed into a dramatically welcoming habitat. Shakespeare's Hudson foundress, Owen Lipstein, thinks that this place - the secret of the country, the stream, the running stream, the uprisings, its gathered exalted whole - transforms everything that happens there.

This place where Shakespeare is sitting on the Hudson is infested with a kind of magical world as respectful and intimate as Prospero's magical Isles. This riverfront location is truly unique: one of the best places on the Hudson. There is a ghost who finds his way into every wedding, every escape on the premises.

This room can seat 80 persons in auditoria or 65. A large sunbathing area around the coach and boat houses along the picturesque Lakeside Trail provides extra meeting places. An old purebred stud has been renovated and transformed into a breathtaking, stylish yet rustical cattery. We' ve maintained the detail and ambience of the lovely barns and updated the main features for a great show.

At the same time the hotel offers room for 140 people, a dancing area and a café. 8 large stud boxes, which can be used for pubs, horos d'oeuvres, lounges, café or desert areas, s' mores and cigar pubs, photographic cabins or even additional dinning desks, also contribute to the room's versatility.

This, combined with the wonderful light of the event location that can be dimmed, will create the framework and ambience for an memorable outing. The Hill in Hudson, NY is a combination of Berkshire and Catskill Mountain with a 60 hectare large lakes, ponies and historical sheds. Situated in the Hudson Valley, this wonderful property is ideal for weddings and special occasions for up to 250 people.

Overlooking the Catskill Mountains and over forty hectares of scenic countryside, this estate boasts the best of Catskills in a tranquil, luxury environment just two hrs from Manhattan. Savour alpine panoramas, hectares of forest, chimneys, whirlpools and meandering trails around a large, renovated Holland made shed.

The Kaaterskill is open all year round and can sleep 150 people and 25 people. Located at the foot of Mount Beacon, in Beacon, New York, the former campsite is now an 80 acres large garden with indoor and outdoor pools, theatre and fitness centre. Its open spaces and easy walking paths and wonderful panoramic view make it a magnificent, spacious venue for theatre performances with up to 100 people, with the possibility of camping with a larger audience.

With its 100 hectares of farmland, brooks and woods, this is a rural, enchanting place in Fishkill, New York, just 90 min from New York City. It is an inspiring destination for an unforgettable experience with up to 150 camping passengers and accommodation for up to 20 people.

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