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Honeymoon location near Greenwich, CT. Honeymoon location near Greenwich, CT. In the service of the Greenwich, CT section. I' m at Delamar Greenwich Harbor. When you are planning a New England wedding near NYC, you will not want to miss this beautiful Greenwich, CT wedding venue!

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Allow us to arrange a wedding by the water that your customers will never ever remember. The trained caterers will take you through every detail of your particular event from the wedding to the last night's music. On our waterside patio you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Greenwich Harbor and Long Island Sound.

The 2,000 sq. m. large ball room can seat up to 140 people for dinners and dances. The Loading Dock with its SoHo Loft-like atmosphere is a great choice for your wedding party and wedding celebration. It is a state-of-the-art function room with hard wood flooring, open canals and bricks creating an unforeseen industrially stylish setting.

Contrary to traditional rural nightclubs or banqueting rooms, you do not have to care about the competition with prefabricated rooms when organizing your party. Instead, you can use the spacious, undecorated rooms of the loading dock to design a wedding of your dreams that really reflect your person. Abigail Kirsch, the prestigious catering company, offers you careful organisation, creative thinking, excellent cuisine and first-class services so that you can be sure that your big event will be a success.

So you can waste your free day doing what you should be doing at your wedding: Party! Bench Street Events is a historical wedding location in the center of Stamford, Connecticut. Situated in the heart of the city, it was initially constructed in 1912 as a banking house and offers classical architectural style, ornamental detail panels and a splendid roof. The breathtaking ambiance and the elegance of the ambiance offer pairs a one-of-a-kind, modern room for their one-of-a-kind celebrations.

Your team of professionals will take care of every detail and accompany you every stage of the way, from decoration and detail to selecting menus and scheduling. Since it was renovated in 1998, Bank Street events has evolved into an ultra-chic location perfectly suited for a great wedding reception.

It has lavish 23-foot ceiling, six 10-foot doors, a wedding ballroom, a large terrace, a large terrace, a large terrace, a terrace, a marble dancing area and a distinctive, shielded fanlight. It can seat 250 people in a stylish colloquial atmosphere and 200 people. Our street event service offers many different ways to make your wedding of your dreams come true. Your gifted event staff will help you with everything from entertainment requests to specialty lingerie, specialty lingerie, floral arrangements, centrepieces and much more to create breathtaking wedding design that reflects your own personal signature styles.

Our in-house conceptual design department takes care of every detail to ensure a stress-free and unforgettable time. There are also many other wedding service providers. Cleaning Party Scheduling Third Party Third Party Insurance Setup Parking Valet Wheelchair Accessibility Other Bank Street Eventmanagement offers also many elements that you may need for your unique party.

Among other things, they make the following available: Explore a wonderful, comfortable and private wedding landscape - ideal for a breathtaking wedding. You' ll enjoy our many possibilities, from Red Oaks, our Normandy-style mansion, to the Grand Ballroom with 14-foot blankets, to the new Harrison Ballroom with its floor-to-ceiling window, from which you have a magnificent view of the forest.

For booking your wedding or for more information call 914-696-2708 or At The Red Maple Vineyard & Wainwright House, Services offers a full range of wedding caterers that focus on the use of the freshest indigenous produce to make sure you get the highest possible dining experience for your party.

Wainwright House is also available as a venues for pairs who need an exclusive waterside setting for their music. Up to 300 people can be accommodated here for a big party. Salads, starters, dishes, pancakes, sandwiches and starters can be provided for your events.

Even dekadentes biscuits and wedding tarts can be offered by the cakeshop. The Whitby Castle is a historical wedding location in Rye, New York. Whitby Castle is set on 126 beautiful equipped acre with views of the Long Island Sound and is the ideal place to mark the beginning of your blessed years.

Whitby Castle's team of professionals will help you realise all your wedding dream with perfect services, advice and love of detail throughout the plan. Whitby Castle's facilities and capacities can seat up to 250 wedding attendees in its stylish interior and exterior venues.

Several places on the site where pairs can swap precepts and then spend the nights dancing at their welcome. Well-tended Whitby Castle's front turf is a lovely room for an indoor wedding service. Complimentary cocktails for the couple can be held on the castle's outside terrace overlooking the magnificent port of Milton.

The Whitby Castle provides seating, bar accessories, cutlery, glasses, porcelain and bed linen for every occasion that takes place at the location. Whitby Castle Whitby Castle Wedding Center is a full-service wedding location available for wedding shower, engagements, rehearsals, weddings, ceremonials and reception in the centre of Westchester County. There is a wide range of events on offer for married couple who plan their wedding.

This includes the organisation of events, the rental of events, in-house caterers, bartening and the creation of wedding cakes. On their wedding anniversary, there is a car park and a car park for the couple and their family. The Whitby Castle is a handicapped access area. Kitchen Whitby Castle's gifted kitchen staff prepares delicious dishes for cocktails and weddings.

Pairs can select from lavish five-course menus, classical starters and tasty deserts for their particular days, which meet their individual needs and please their savour. At Giovanni's, The Waters Edge is an exclusive wedding location in Darien, Connecticut. Since more than 30 years, the family-run banqueting room and dining room has specialised in providing a room for couple to celebrate their wedding in the centre of Fairfield County.

JoAnn and Sal Latorraca, the proprietors, will help you make all your wedding dream come true at Giovanni's Waters Edge. The waterfront at Giovanni's offers space for up to 350 wedding receptions in its classical function rooms. A number of apartments are available on the premises where pairs can share a vow and then spend the nights dancing with their family.

The Holly Pond Suites A and the Holly Pond Suites as well as the Holly Pond Suites Suiten suites Suiten A and Suiten suites Suiten suites Suiten suites Suiten A and Suiten Suiten suites Suiten suites Suiten A and Suiten Suiten Suiten suites Holly Pond Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten suites Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suiten Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suiten Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suens Suite. Celebrating weddings can also be arranged at The Waters Edge in Giovanni's Cove Suite, Majestic Suite and VIP Wine Room. Every function room is well-lit.

Facilities include seats, desks, decoration and other furnishings during the event taking place at the facilities. At Giovanni's, the couple can hold their wedding parties, engagements, rehearsals, wedding ceremonies and full-service receptions. There is a wide range of wedding anniversary celebration facilities for the couple.

This includes events scheduling, renting events, in-house caterers, wedding cakes, WiFi and third party insurances. The Waters Edge employees at Giovanni's will take charge of setting up and cleaning before, during and after your wedding so that you and your wedding partners can celebrate stress-free and entertainingly from start to finish.

During the wedding ceremonies organised by the couple and their guest, The Waters Edge at Giovanni provides local park and park services. A wedding anniversary is one of the most important dates in your entire lifetime.... let the Italian center of Stamford help you do everything you've everamt of. When you arrive, you will be welcomed by the beautiful and wooded doorway on 28 hectares of beautiful landscaped land, the perfect backdrop for your fairy-tale wedding.

You can hold your wedding inside, in one of our event rooms or outside in our brandnew pavilion in our privat, personal gardens. The venue seats 150-600 people and has one of the biggest dancing halls in Fairfield County. This 12,000 sq. metre complex at the Italian Center also has two smaller banqueting rooms available for marriages and more personal events such as engagements, rehearsals, wedding shower and much more.

The smaller banqueting rooms can seat 50 to 150 people. Our experienced Italian Centre personnel are committed to impeccable customer care and dedicate themselves to every detail in order to guarantee you and your visitors an enjoyable and memorable time. Lake Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club Westchester's central location.

Situated on the breath-taking waterside property created by Stanford White in 1885, the Mamaroneck Island Club overlooks Long Island Sound, the historic mansion, large lawn, beautiful landscaped garden and intimate sands. Their wedding will start from each of our spectral backdrops for ceremonies, cocktail parties and receptions:

Whether it' historic, modern or nonchalant, your events will be accompanied by stunning three-sided overlooks. You can be sure that your wedding anniversary will be celebrated at Hampshire Country Club with unparalleled professionality and elegance. Recently renovated, our 35,000 sq.m. club house offers a nice spot for your welcome just a few mins from the New England motorway.

Hammpshire can also house showering, trial dinner, post-wedding brunches und gulf outs for your wedding parties and guests. You can also take a shower in Hampshire. Glutenfree and kosher option are available on request. Hampshire is the ideal venue for your wedding reception, from an informal get-together to 250 people. If you would like more information or to visit the club, please call Dorothy Mourouzis at 914.698.

Surrounded by verdant meadows and stunning scenery, you' ll be able to breathe the unspoilt open skies of 206 hectares on the shores of Cowasselon Creek, in the scenic Madison County area. It is the only place in the hinterland of New York that is air-conditioned, handicapped-friendly and has all the comforts.

It' the ideal scenery for your private wedding ceremonies, your welcome, your shower, your company picnics or any other festive occasion and an memorable one. Situated on 66 hectares of grasslands, forests and lakes, Lakota Oaks (formerly Dolce Norwalk) provides an ideal location for your wedding. Swap your wedding prayers in the shadow of the "wedding tree" at sunset or select a picturesque place on the lawn.

No matter what the time of year or the climate, there is always an inside service available for your wedding. Start your five-hour wedding celebration with a cocktail and hours of work on our tree-lined patio and 1904 Whiskey and Wine lounge. You can personalise the decor and light with soft, natural shades to create the wedding visual.

Once the welcome is over, your after-party will be within a few minutes from the grand opening. All you need to know Our chef John Peper has designed a wide range of exclusive LaKota Oaks meals that will delight you and your customers with delicious dishes and tailor-made offers. Add your dress rehearsal supper, after shower parties and early bird wedding the next day for the ultimate target wedding.

Accommodation and all conveniences are available in one of our 120 rooms for your hosts and your mothers. Special Perks On-site Wedding Co-ordinator Ceremony Sample Free Wedding Suite Local Shuttle Van Area Attractions included: The Maritime Aquarium, Sheffield Island Light House, Calf Pasture Beach We make your wedding the best you and your visitors have ever visited, with great dining, great services and our own love of detail.

The VIP Country is a waterside wedding location in New Rochelle, New York. Situated on the banks of Long Island Sound, this stylish rural nightclub is the ideal place to celebrate the wedding of your dream in the centre of Westchester County. And on your wedding anniversary, the VIP Valley Club's committed employees will go beyond that and make sure that your party is an memorable experience for you and your beloved ones from start to finish.

The facilities and capacities of the VIP Country Club offer space for up to 700 wedding diners in the interior and exterior area. The VIP Country Club is located on a beautiful green area with floral orchards and vibrant water springs and has several places on the site where couple can hold their wedding ceremonies.

Pairs can share their pledges on the venue's tentable patio or in the lounge with a fireplace. A large ball room is the ideal place to savour the exquisite food cooked by the VIP Country Club's gifted kitchen staff and then spend the nights dancing. Wedding parties can take place in the venue's luxury honeymoon suites before the wedding begins.

Every function room is fitted with high-quality light and audio technology. Range of activities The VIP Countryside Clubs wedding events are never-ending, as pairs can have wedding shower, engagements, rehearsals, weddings, festivities and weddings in a beautiful location. We offer a wide range of wedding plans, including events scheduling, rental, in-house dining and bartening, wedding cakes, wedding arrangements and third party insurances.

In the VIP-countryclub, pairs can take their own wedding salesmen to support them on their own particular outing. Our county clubs events personnel will be available throughout your wedding to help you with all your wishes and needs. The VIP-countryclub provides a park and park services for the couple and their guest on their own particular outing.

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