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Natural elegance | Historical venue. Locate local wedding locations and wedding receptions in Bay Area, California. So how tired are you of googling a million places in this huge state to find the perfect wedding location? Several of our most popular wedding locations from all over the Bay Area, including Napa, Monterey and San Francisco. Shelter area wedding venues are some of the most exclusive and sought after in the country, for good reason.

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First you can select your preferences by area. E.g. we currently designate over 84 venues in combination for Napa Wedding Places and Sonoma Wedding Scenes. We currently have 43 wedding venues to chose from in San Francisco alone. As soon as you have found the best location for your wedding, you can limit the venues according to rent, number of visitors and kind of location.

A place may be logistically the decisive element, but for most of us there is a certain kind of ambiance that a wedding location in San Francisco is looking for. If you are looking for a modern meal in one of Monterey's wedding venues, a modern dining room can be just what you are looking for. All the Bay Area wedding venues that you will find in our straightforward list are sure to create the right ambiance for your event.

The most important thing is to help you make a safe, educated choice about where your wedding will take place, even with all the options available for wedding venues in San Francisco.

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In the hope of finding an inexpensive Bay Area wedding location? Centres of communal life, eateries, historical places and golfs, here is a choice of places that will not blow up the bench. Challenging and scenically attractive gardens with ball room, water fountains and fantastic Tri Valley view. Crazy gardens and a 10-acre children's fairytale parc on the outskirts of Lake Merritt.

A golf course & clubhouse, where festivities take place in the pavilion, a wonderful pillar roundabout with an artistic wrought-irondom. Historical ball room with breathtaking architectonic detail and a glittering view of the town. Diverse rooms and lounge with westerly atmosphere and meadow for outdoor celebrations or cocktail parties. Reconstructed ball room with dancing area, illuminated chandeliers, Casablanca ventilators and a wooden joist overlay.

Tuscany based event location with an imposing ball room and a breathtaking ovale patio, encircled by vines and open spaces. A golf course & clubhouse high up in the Tri Valley with a magnificent view. Woody event location with magnificent sequoia trees and lofty elder trees that create a luxuriant, shaded hiding place for festivities and receive.

It is a ride top location with interior and exterior areas and a panorama view of the bay and the peninsula. The Waterfront Marine Exploratory has a banqueting hall and a beautiful ceremonial decking overlooking a grassy area and the coast of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Two large outside areas, one with a magnificent oaken tree and the other with a pink arcade and grass next to a welcome awning.

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