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Honeymoon near Akron, OH. Akron South Green, Holiday Inn Express. Looking for destinations in the Akron/Canton area? Take a look at our list of local venues that offer you the perfect setting for the reception! Locate and contact local wedding locations in Akron, OH with prices, packages and availability for your wedding ceremony and reception.

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The 1953 created acron zoo is a non-profit, world-wide nature protection-zoat with over 700 individuals from all over the worInd. Situated to the northwest of downtown Akron, the Wildlife Centre aims to offer a vibrant, affordable and entertaining wildlife enjoyment. Visiting Akron Sanctuary you will come into contact with more than 700 species, among them the penguin, lemur, tiger, jaguar and more.

Journey to the Reef, which features wildlife such as lionfish, squid, clownfish and more, and the Mike & Mary Stark grizzly ridge exhibition, the biggest extension in the zoos story, featuring gizzly teddies, a walk-in birdcage, River Otter, wolf, white-headed sea eagle and more.

It takes part in over 60 nature protection programmes and runs almost 900 educational programmes every year. Aquariums and Zoos Akron is an AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) registered under the AZ. The AZA is a world nature protection leadership with more than 225 members.

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Do you plan a big or small wedding, where is the image perfectly? "The terrain is particularly nice in autumn during Ohio Mart. You will be guided by the owner through every stage of the trip to plan your wedding at your event site. In case you have not yet decided on a place, I recommend to book with Guys!

I' ve had my wedding and my welcome here..." "This place is new and refreshing and the personnel is avoiding you to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams..." It is Donna who will make your wedding a great one. You have a spacious, wonderful area that can be used for marriages, photographs or..."

"``Our subsidiary had her welcome in Elm Ridge in May 2015 and it was fantastic. The hall was wonderfully ornamented, the meals were fantastic and the personnel were fantastic. "Skyland Pines was a great wedding location for us! When you are looking for an open-air wedding, this is a good choice with the design and pergola..."

"and chose Glenmoor as our place of welcome. We' ve been looking at many venues all over northern Ohio..." "Sheraton was my wedding location for my wedding on February 14, 2015. "about the St. Nick's Banquet Center and the people.

You made our wedding celebration totally cute! "Roses Run Country Club reserved the master bedroom and abandoned my man and me. "``My man and I got remarried in Lakeside in 2004 and it was the best one. There was nowhere better place we could have wished for our wedding..."

"Each wedding we have celebrated here has been unique. "my wedding was a real wedding daymare, from the cathedrals to the DJ, everything was done. "Marvellous business and completely breathtaking real estate! "in the Akron region....a real jewel.

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