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Hudson Valley Wedding Receptions

Celebrate your wedding in one of the most beautiful places in the Hudson Valley. Ancient estates weddings golf course weddings sample dinner & catering intimate weddings: Locate wedding locations in the Hudson Valley that meet all your needs. View more ideas about the Hudson Valley, wedding locations and wedding receptions. The Hudson Valley wedding and event venue.

Reception and wedding locations | Beautiful weddings in New York's Hudson Valley

Garrison is an open crest into the Hudson Highlands, with unrivalled view of the countryside riverbank valley. Tarrytown, NY / Westchester Co. Select a Royal Family Practice Supper, an open-air statue garden ceremonial and a welcome at the Mary Duke Ballroom or Biddle Mansion.

Natural gardens and nicely decorated rooms with breathtaking view of Beacon Falls and Mount Beacon. Both you and your patrons will be able to indulge in the award-winning kitchen and riverfront ceremonies in our one-of-a-kind two-story complex - on our outside terrace, on the roof or in the loft. Stylishly furnished with hard wood flooring, colourful Toscan colour panels, Tiffany style lights and chimneys, Round Hill is one of the Caterings in the Hudson Valley.

Historical Estate Weddings Golf Course Weddings Sample Dinner & Catering Intimate Weddings: Farmstead & Vineyard Weddings: Big weddings: Tarrytown, NY / Westchester Co. Bedford, NY / Westchester Co. The Pocantico Hills, NY / Westchester Co. Tarrytown, NY / Westchester Co. Southern Salem, NY / Westchester Co. NY / Westchester Co Hastings, NY / Westchester Co.

The White Plains, NY / Westchester Co. Lighthouse, NY / Dutchess Co. Tarrytown, NY / Westchester Co.

Huderson Valley Wedding & Personal Events Residence

We have a truly magnificent riverfront location: one of the best in America and undoubtedly the best on the Hudson. There is a ghost that will find its way into every wedding, every escape that we organize on the area. Bethsey F. "Unique, enchanting and rustic."

All-In-One Wedding Venues in Westchester and the Hudson Valley - Westchester Weddings - Annual 2015

"Wedding places from one source" with ceremonial places, lobbies and accommodation - and perhaps a room for a trial meal, an after-party or a wedding lunch - ensure simple and carefree people. There is a great deal to consider when you plan a wedding: Do I have to continue the wedding dresses, the meals, the ceremony, my friends, the receptions, the transport, the hotel, the....?

Here are six one-stop stores that have a place for all your wedding weekends. All your patrons have to do is show up and have fun. As the Ring came out and the formal design began, the "natural splendour of the terrain", the "romance and class" of the mountain lodge made this place rise above the city.

Overlooking Catskills and Lake Mohonk, it has 259 rooms, a world-class spas and easy acces to a wide range of outside pursuits including walking, cross-country skiing and boat trips. The prizewinning garden with a view of the mountains, blooming arbours and an ever green labyrinth provides space for open-air weddings for up to 175 people.

In-door festivities take place in the Viktorian Salon which overlooks the rocks and the lakes. The Dievendorfs agreed to take their solemn oath under the flower for their wedding at the beginning of May, before starting cocktails on a terrace with a view of Mount Mohonk. Dinners and dances took place in the East Dining Room, which was the ideal venue for her 75 guest wedding, although bigger celebrations would be better served in the West Dining Room, which can accommodate up to 175 people.

We offer many wedding packs starting at $125 per capita, as well as some original add-ons such as a bonfire by the sea, Sunday Brunch or a trial dinner in the granary. Marriages take place all year round. To have the stylish wedding in the classic wedding that she always wanted, Irvington-born Emily Mills first thought that she would have to look away from New York for a mile.

However, when her mom told her and her fiance Micah Johnson to take a look in her own garden, she found the Tarrytown House Gate and fallen in lov. Found in what Forbes mag recently called one of America's top 10 most beautiful cities, the state has hosted weddings for more than a hundred years.

The 26-hectare plot overlooks the Hudson River Valley and includes two half-timbered facades, 19-thousand- King and Biddle Mansion - a retirement coach home, a chalet, a large meeting room and 212 guest rooms-ideal for wedding celebrations looking for hire. More than 30,000 sq. meters of residential area ( "Winterpalast", Mary Duke Ballroom, West Terrace and Statue Garden) provide room for up to 350 people.

But Emily and Micah only needed enough room to house 26, and they found Biddle Mansion's many rooms perfec. Tarrytown House offered the photo artist a wonderful setting at every turn between the light river from room to room, the deep wooden decor, the cosy chimney angles and an abundance of sills.

The Tarrytown House Estate organizes wedding receptions all year round, with individual arrangements from $100 per individual. In addition, there is a place in the National Register of Historic Places and a wealth of country-style charms, and you have the recipe for wedding victory in the Hudson Valley. As they were all dancing, visitors could select between three different accommodation options: the "rustic and luxurious" Bear Mountain Inn with 15 recently refurbished guest rooms, the cheaper Overlook Lodge with 24 rooms or one of the four Stone Cottages with six guest rooms each, a shared lounge and a veranda with a view of the Hessian Lake.

Even though the distances between the venues are less than a mile, the pair have rented a bus to take them from their rooms to the event room. Bridal packs begin at $119 per night and includes a full night club, wedding cakes, cocktails, three-course menu and champagne toasts. Up to 230 people can be accommodated at the Bear Mountain Inn, 130 at Overlook Lodge, up to 100 at the Merry Go Round Pavilion or up to 60 at Cliff House, an informal event location on Lake Hesse.

A wedding when a pair gets together and then gets involved in a mating that ends with their own wedding, does it make their big date a little more unique? Hudson Buttermilk Falls is located on a vast stretch of riverine land and is a place to live with and protect the world.

Besides a canteen, an outdoor garden, an igloo and cattle stables (complete with lamas, alpakas and mini donkeys), the yard runs a health resort with biological produce and geothermics. For all our night-goers, who can select from 18 individual rooms in the 1764 central building, four pet-friendly coach suite and four pet-friendly guesthouses, we offer a free 60-minute Swedisch-massages!

Buttermilk Falls was able to accommodate up to 54 of them (including their much-loved Bulldogs and ring bearers in France). The bridal couples took full use of the many offers, from the rehearsals on the terrace on the river bank to the swan pond ceremonies and the after-party in the refurbished barn.

Overlooking the Hudson River, the riverside terrace (open for wedding receptions from mid-April to October) can accommodate up to 250 people. At the barn (available all year round) there is a max. of 90 people. Michelle Falcetano and Robert Lauer, who got to know each other while Swinging, fell in Love while preparing dinner and got involved in tents, knew that their wedding anniversary should be about music, eating and the outdoors.

Was it a Russian barnyard wedding or a Savoy overnight? Rhinecliff, constructed in 1854 and situated on the shores of the Hudson River, has ancient wooden flooring, historical timberwork, reconstructed doorways, hand-piled chimneys by an Englishman and the authentic Victorian oaken barb. There are nine guest rooms (where Michelle and Robert's whole wedding and immediate post-wedding couples lived), each with a separate terrace with a view of the sea.

You can enjoy banquets, dinners, dances and deserts in the Riverview banquet room. They used The Rhinecliff for their rehearsals, the wedding celebration, the welcome, the after-show and even the breakfast the next day. Marriage packs vary from $99 to $149 per adult, includes meals and drinks, cocktails, dinners, dances, gear and personne.

Local events are subject to an extra $500 charge. It is so "rich in scenery, architectural beauty and history" that it could not resist sharing it with its visitors on its big days. However, it is difficult to really appreciate a place when you rush from the wedding service to the front desk of the hospital.

Whilst many pairs knotted in the front yards of the guesthouse, Mary and Christopher wanted the Messiah Episcopal Church from the nineteenth cent. This means it is only a two-minute stroll from the Beekman Arms (or, if fairytale marriages are your thing, a fast, scenic ride in a horse-drawn carriage).

As they left the ceremonies, Christopher and Maria went through a roseshower, jumped into their coach and drank champagne on the way to the hospital. Afterwards, they had supper and danced in the Wayfarer and Greenhouse rooms of the guesthouse, which can seat up to 120 people.

The Beekman Hall can accommodate up to 25 people for more private meetings, while the tavern restaurant, which can accommodate up to 170 people and also houses the other refectories and cafe. Offers range from $75 to $145 per head and contain a one-hour open air pub, a starter-drink, champagne jousting, a four-course menu led by chef Eric Mann with farm produce, wedding cakes and bridal and bridegroom accommodation.

In the Delamater Inn, you can also decide to have a tent party.

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