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Prize-winning non-positioned wedding photography by documentary photographer Andrew Billington. Photography of wedding is the photography of activities related to weddings. Recreational, creative and modern wedding photography. I am a Bedfordshire-based wedding photographer specialising in relaxed, naturally bright wedding photography. The Stamford and Rutland Wedding Photographer offers natural and relaxed wedding photography to tell the story of your day.

Photography ~ A Wedding Portfolio of Kevin Mullins

wedding-photography: It' all about humans being.... humans. To me, wedding photography is about humaneness and, to put it bluntly, about human beings. Being a wedding photographe it is my job to record these times.... I like to call it "curating memories". It' s not my own responsability to realize a moment, but my own responsability to film it.

And I don't want my customers to sign over their wedding memories to the photographer. Do you? I' d like my girl to remember her wedding, which she spends all her free moments with her boyfriends and mates. Humans, being a wedding. I' m sure we all went to the wedding, where the photo artist spends a few moments with the wedding couple, so that the wedding couple can't really be with the wedding couple.

I have a very different attitude towards wedding photography to the "traditional" one. In 2012 I was the first Fujifilm X photographer in the Wedding Photography Area and gave lectures and workshop on the wedding photography documentation format worldwide.

Photographer - Award-winning Kevin Mullins

These were 25 pictures that summarize my narrative as a wedding photog. I' m a wedding photgrapher who takes honest photos without having to rely on a filter, cumbersome illumination system or help. I am Kevin and I am a multi-award-winning wedding photography professional located in Wiltshire, UK, but I photograph marriages throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

I' m specialized in using images to tell tales about your wedding, and I pledge not to make you say cheeses, order you around or guide you in any way. I photograph the wedding photography which is known as wedding photography or wedding filming. It' s a stereotype, I know, but I'm actually passionately interested in taking authentic photos of a wedding without any kind of interact.

When your notion of " wedding hell " is the typical boss photography and enormous quantities of stage-managed, dull group photographs, then I think I have just the thing for you. Then, when you are finished, take a look at my wedding book, my wedding diary, my wedding blogs and the wedding presentations.

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