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New York Wedding Halls

Cost: $ - $$$ Food: All inclusive wedding packages, garden, hotel, late night, penthouse / rooftop. Cost: $$ - $$$$$$ Food: Bankettsaal/event hall, historical building, penthouse/attic. Peninsula New York offers all-inclusive wedding planning and both indoor and outdoor locations for ceremonies and receptions.

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The Midtown Loft & Terrace is an 8,400 square foot function room in an exclusive gatehouse on renowned Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. It is a great place for a wedding with high ceiling, shiny oaken floor, new baths in wonderful white sandstone, four-sided window and wonderful cityscape. It has a sunken, closed roof so that the terrace can be used all year round, its own contemporary foyer and a redesigned lift that opens out onto the terrace.

In the loft (5,000 sqm) there is a fully fitted fully fitted galley, gas toms, sofas, couch table, bride's room, regulated light, cloakroom and cufflinks. There are two lifts and a goods lift on the ground. The 4,400 square foot terrace provides spectacular vistas of the Empire State Building, the renowned Marble Collegiate Church, the Church of Transfiguration and Garden and other spectacular vistas of the Manhattan sky.

The terrace also has an upmarket indoor area with wooden flooring in Mahagony, cupric window frames, ancient cupric lamps and a wonderfully functioning chimney. In order to improve the ambience of the event location, our in-house Midtown Loft Productions produces TV monitors, uplights, gobos, dramatic ceiling panels, various candelabras, and lit high-top desks and Otto-moms.

We at Midtown Lofts Productions are associated with the Midtown Lofts & Terraces venue, and we devote our quality assurance times to ensuring that you are truly happy with our product and our expert services. Please click on the links below to see our catalogue. In a town proud of spectacles, Midtown Lofts and Terraces is a truly original, tasty and stunning venue.

Nanina's In The Wonderful New Jersey emblem embedded in a historic garden.

Nanina's In The Wonderful New Jersey emblem embedded in a historic garden. You are welcome to the Savoy Gardens. We have been pursuing a unique objective since 1982: to provide a wedding venue with an elegant, streamlined and smooth experience. Rocco Anthony Caterers has been committed to delivering excellent catering and flawless client services since 1986, from the first day with our banqueting manager to the last night of your event.

Entering the reception room in Manhattan Penthouse is a real treat for those who are impressed by the immediate drama. The Manhattan Penthouse is located high in the centre of Manhattan on Fifth Avenue on..... From a wedding, closing ceremony to a meeting for a familiar get-together, HGI has the conveniences and materials you need at a cost you can easily affordable.

We help you with the planning, booking and celebration of your particular events..... The Haveli is a notion used to describe a villa on the subcontinent of India where aristocrats, highpriest, landlord and wealthy people would be living and entertaining their people.

The patio offers an excellent setting for your wedding & photo More.....

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