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Winds: The oldest stones on the planet are about 3.8 to 3.9 billion years old, which makes the planet at least 4 billion years old. The Fraser Islands, in Australia, is the biggest sandy isle in the whole wide open. Its name comes from Eliza Anne Fraser, who was wrecked in 1836 and taken prisoner by the Aborigines.

With temperate and friendly weather, affected by the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and close to North Africa, the region is one of the most temperate in the whole wide area. The temperature in the summers from May to August can be as high as 30°C. But the wind tends to keep the temperature a little lower with the breeze.

Spain's second capital Barcelona is a lively, avant-garde town known for its beautiful neighbourhood, artistic collection and tree-lined La Rambla highways. There is always something going on in this centre of culture, and there is always a lot to see and do.

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This is the latest TV weather imagery used in the National Weather Service's nationwide Alaska Weather TV show, made possible through partnering with Alaska Media, KUAC-TV, 360 North and Alaska PBS (Alaska Rural Communications Service). The pictures are used as a general prognosis for the state.

Please refer to the text and graphic prognoses of the NWS Alaska Region forecasting agencies for more accurate, up-to-date outlooks. Every single working days the TV flight and naval pictures fall into disrepair when new prognosis information is generated the next mornings. To view a selection of TV weather charts, click here. The pictures are refreshed every days at 5:00 pm Alaska hours and fall due every acre at 8:00 am.

The Alaska Weather Weather is a TV Desk production by the Alaska Weather Show team. It provides a general view of today's weather, the two day weather forecasting and the latest weather alerts in Alaska. You can find precise and up-to-date prognoses on the website of the NWS Alaska region at

In case you have problems with the download of the sound file, please send an e-mail to the TV Weather Desk. Are you interested in seeing the Alaska Weather Show education sessions on your computer? The Alaska Weather Facts are now available online on the NWS Alaska Region website. The Alaska Weather Facts is a weather show manufactured by KAKM and organized by Alaska Weather's Dave Snider.

For more information about Alaska' s avalanche, ship glaciation, climate or predictions in Alaska, we would like to encourage you to look through the archiv. A number of education sectors are currently available for you to download from the archives. We' ll be updating this archives with new sections as they become available.

Hopefully you will find these education sectors useful and we welcome your comments on this range. The Alaska Weather is a product of Alaska Public Media and the United States National Weather Service-Alaska region. This 30-minute programme provides Alaska with weather forecasts to support the aeronautics and navy.

If you have any queries or remarks about Alaska Weather, please contact the web author staff at mafc.

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