Weather in Nyc in October

The weather in Nyc in October

NYC: Weather in October and activities Do you plan a visit to the Big Apple in October and wonder what the weather is like in New York City? Fresh, cold autumn weather is the ideal way to explore the Big Apple. With the masses of people and the hot summers gone and holidaymakers not yet in town, you may be discovering an almost empty galleries or an under-utilised route.

The best time to come to New York City is October. Besides the great weather, there are many activities in October that make a stay here a pleasure. Some of them are Open House New York and the biggest Halloween procession in the whole year. It is an excellent time for a monthly getaway.

Weather is rather pleasant for exploratory tours - hot weather and cold night are ideal for walks in the town. When you visit New York in October, you may be able to get away with short-sleeved jackets during the afternoon. Shoes can take a rest, so make sure your shoes are convenient for walks in large urban blocs or Central Park.

While there are many good places to go in the Big Apple all year round, October is particularly good, as after a warm summers the weather in New York is now ideal for hiking and other outings. Situated in the centre of the town, you don't have to go on a Sunday ride to find nice reds, oranges, yellows and purples autumn leaves.

A further advantage is that the Columbus Sunday public holidays, which always fall on the second Monday of the months, allows some people a three-day week-end. In spite of the advantages of a visit to New York City in October, there is one disadvantage above all: the cost of the trip. New York is entering the high season, so you can look forward to higher hotel and air ticket rates.

New York Open House: It is your opportunity to join the masses of New Yorkers and visitors visiting places of architectonic importance that are normally not open to the people. The New York Wine & Food Festival is a pampering week-end with never-ending activities where you can taste wine, have dinner with prominent cooks and much more.

See the procession (or take part!) or take part in one of the city's other marvellous activities, such as the Halloween extravaganza and ghoul procession that takes place in St. John the Divine's Cathedral. New York Downtown falls: Be it a sight-seeing tour to see the shifting sheets or just a stroll in one of New York City's great parklands, the attractions and fragrances of late spring are a real treat.

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